Cap Talk: What’s on Your Mind?

Being part of a military family, Kenny Ellison has moved to many different parts of the country. But that hasn’t stopped his New Era collection from growing to what it is today. Now residing in Box Elder South Dakota, a.k.a the middle of nowhere, he shares his thoughts on his collection and explains how he started collecting New Era hats by accident. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at



Name: Kenny Ellison
Where your from: I’m a military brat but I now live in Box Elder South Dakota aka middle of nowhere
Twitter: @IAmKennyJE Instagram: KennyJEllison.
Hat size: 7 and 3/4

When did you star collecting?

I officially started my collection last June but I bought my first hat 2 years ago.

How many hats do you have?


I’m now at 50 hats. My collection is well known throughout my school and people bring it up all the time. I started hat collecting on accident.

What was that first hat you bought 2 years ago?


First hat was the big punch Red Sox hat.

How did you start collecting by accident?

I started collecting on accident because I really only wanted one hat but you just can’t stop at one.

How did your collection get well known throughout your school?

My collection got well known through school because everyone started realizing that I wear a different hat to school everyday and they just told their friends.

Does anyone else at your school collect hats?
A couple of my friends collect hats but not as dedicated as I am.

Being basically dead smack in the middle of the country In Box Elder, are there any spots you can go to for your caps or do you stick to online?

The only real place to get hats here in the Box is the local Lids and Champs which I visit occasionally but I get most of mine online.

Where did you find an Expos toque in Box Elder?

The Expos toque is something I got online. It’s so cold here that it’s always nice to have some cold weather gear and I’ve always loved the logo.

How long have you been a Red Sox fan for?

I’ve been a Red Sox fan since I was little. Everyone I knew was a Yankees fan so I went with the rival.

Did you watch their road to the Championship last season?

I don’t get many Boston games here but I made sure to watch as many games as I could and I watched every postseason game.

If you could design your own 59Fifty what would it look like?

If I could design my own 59Fifty, it would be a Red Sox hat with the alternate logo and Navy digital camo.

Only Fitteds, Fitteds and Snapbacks or only Snapbacks?

I have a mix of fitteds and snapbacks, I don’t have a preference, as long as it looks and feels good, I’ll get it.

How do you store them?

I store them in shelves that my dad and I made throughout my room, need to start making more soon.

What do you like about Nectalk?

My favorite thing about Nectalk is that us hat collectors have a way of getting out there and show what we’re passionate about.

Any advice or questions for other hat collectors?

A piece of advice for up and coming hat collectors like me, fly your own flag. Get what you like and don’t care what others think, hats are a way to show off who you are, that’s what the New Era slogan means.

Final Words?

I’d like to thank Nectalk for this interview and I hope all of us hat collectors get some amazing pick ups this year.


  1. niice teal hornets hat!

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