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Brian Hunda from Dallas, Texas takes a minute to speak with us regarding his fresh New Era cap collection.  He explains how his collection got started all thanks to Drake, Lil’ Wayne and the Hundreds. We touch down on which contest he previously won that we were hosting and his passion for music. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at

Name:  Brian Hunda
Where are you from: Dallas, Texas
Social Handles: lyrical_forever @ instagram
How did your collecting start off?
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It actually began  2 years ago when I watched the Motto by Drake and I saw Lil Wayne rocking the adam bomb hat, It looked awesome and I had to have it, When I received it I got it in the wrong size(7 ¼) since I never had a hat from new era before, but I still rocked it every day. Then another year later I found it in my size which is a 7 ½.
How excited were you when you found out you won our Damien The Magician New Era hat contest we hosted?
Oh Man I was so happy when I found out I won!! I never won any giveaways at all in my life and to find out I won was just amazing!! I just kept checking the mail every day to see if it came and when I opened it, I was just speechless.  I sadly didn’t get it in my size but I still rock it on special occasions. Once again thank you NewEra, NewEraCaptalk and Damien O’ Brien for this amazing gift!!
Was it hard to snag the Los Santos New Era hat?
No not really, I wanted to buy the GTA V special edition and I was lucky enough to find it at my nearest GameStop, Once I bought it the guy told me that I was super lucky to get it because it was a mistake when it was ordered and also it’s the only one in the store. Also I got the game when it came out months later so I guess I was at the right place at the right time that day.
What are your three top favorite caps out of your collection?
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Aw Mannn, That’s always a hard question to answer because I love them all. Each hat that I have in my collection I wear and love because they are all amazing. But if I had to choose a top 3 hats it would be The Damien O’ Brien custom made cap, The Exclusive Texas State hat for NewEraMesquite Only and The Black and White Treble Clef hat.
What kind of New Era’s do you collect the most?
The most New Era’s I collect are the Customs and Exclusives. Anything that relates to me in a unique design or how it looks ima get. I love how there are so many different unique designs and characters that New Era has created, I just keep looking for those Exclusive and Customs for the next amazing design. I actually got a huntlist of exclusives and customs , but like all cap collectors one is not enough and there’s no such thing as “This is the last hat I get” haha.
Why don’t you have any team fitteds in your collection?
I actually have one team fitted in my collection, It’s a all black and grey Dallas Cowboys hat, Love my home team even if we win or lose, Dallas Cowboy fan for life. But if it comes to MLB or NBA I don’t got any because I’m not into those sports as much as football. But I did get my hands on the Dallas Mavericks Championship snapback back in 2011 which is still sick today, just wished it was by New Era.
Which  is your favorite brand and why?
When it comes to hats New Era Ofcourse!! New Era Hats are just perfectly made in every way, from the brim to the crown and even in the little details inside the hat. I love how NewEra is always getting more creative and unique in their customs and exclusives. Always ready to see what NewEra is gonna create next.
We see alot of music related hats in your collection. For you who are your top favorite artists right now?
Yes I love music note hats! Im an underground artist myself  by the stage name of “True-G” in rap so all these artists influence me. My top artists in the game right now Is T-Pain, Drake, Eminem and Lil Wayne.
What caught your attention on the tokidoki gorilla fitted hat?
Oh Man, What caught my attention to the Tokidoki Gorilla was the gold crown on his head, followed by his teeth chewing on the all gold New Era Logo. This hat was just so dope on the way it came out its different creative and crazy like myself haha. Love how the new era logo on the left is all gold following to the back of the hat with its tokidoki skull design, A lot of people complement on that specific hat actually and I can’t blame why they wouldn’t on how unique it is. The first time I got it I had to return it because it was to tight in my regular size but it was worth it for this masterpiece.
Are you into getting shoes to match your fitteds?
Not really, I Just get the all black AF1’S and the Black white and grey Jordans on and any hat will match. I really match my fitteds with what Im wearing. I rock em all with blank colored shirts, branded shirts and Ralph Lauren Polo’s. Also with my sweaters and coats just incase its cold out there when im about to go out.
Do people ever stop and ask you questions about your hats?
Actually yes, They ask me where I get em  and that they are really nice hats. I remember someone asked me if my hat costs $100 and up since they are all custom and exclusive. But to be honest, most of my hats I get are cheap which is awesome and some are at retail price. But most know me by the kid that has a lot of nice hats, and I appreciate the complements.
Was it hard to land the Lunar reflective 59Fifty fitted?
No not really, the way I got my hands on this was going to New Era Mesquite, I went in and asked for that hat and they had one last size in a 7 3/8’s and just like that I copped it. I always look for more but on that trip it was only for the Lunar Eclipse hat. I love how this hat glows like crazy everywhere around the crown and brim and that on the inside it has the NASA Tag.
How long have you been a member of the site?
I joined February 26th 2013, It’s about to be a year that I have found out about this amazing website where others have the same interest in hats as I do.
What does NewEraCapTalk mean to you?
NewEraCapTalk to me means a place for hat collectors and people who like hats to share their story behind the hats they obtain in their collection. It’s also one of the best informational websites to come to see what’s new  and what’s on everyones mind when it comes to new era hats. To where everyone can share their likes, dislikes, and new ideas with fellow hat collectors.
Have the forum threads ever come through for you?
Oh Yes they have! Which I appreciate everyone on NewEraCapTalk for, without everyone on this website we would all have so many questions unsolved. The forum threads have helped me to hats I been looking for, hat sizing, where to buy hats, Old designs that I now like and how to spot fakes.
Any final words?
Yes, When it comes to NewEra Hats never be ashamed to have to little or to much, it’s not a competition to get the most or most rarest but to get the hats you love, simply for your passion in flying your own flag. Thank you to NewEra caps for the hard work you have put in all these years, Also everyone on NewEraCapTalk  Staff for letting me have the chance to share my story behind my collection, and to all the users on for helping me out on advice & finding  fitteds I been looking for.

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