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Jeremy Etzler from Corcoran, Minnesota recently won the New Era Cap Wall giveaway! Stacking caps on caps on caps his collection features just over two hundred and sixty caps with a dynamic range of MLB and MiLB onfield authentic New Era hats. Take a look into what Jeremy has to say and which photo won him a custom New Era Cap Wall! What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at

Name: Jeremy Etzler
From: Corcoran, MN
Social handles: Jetzler8 on twitter ; Imnmbr1 on IG ;
Size: 7 3/8
When would you say you started collecting caps?
jeremy cap talk
Honestly I can’t remember when I started because I was that little. I didn’t think of it as collecting though. I loved baseball and loved going to games. If I had the choice to wear a hat, then that was the choice, to the point that my relative would pick on me. The collection has continue to grow over the past 6-7 years more than ever though.
How did you hear about New Era’s cap wall giveaway?
jeremy cap talk 01
Honestly I had just signed up for instagram over halfway through the contest. My wife introduced me to instagram along with several of my friends that had it. I really never truly knew what it was. Then when I signed up and saw that there were company and sports pages I was hooked. I followed New Era in my first days. I then saw the contest #shareyourallegiance. It had a few weeks left and I started to come up with ideas. I thought it would be best suited for a shot a Target Field to show my allegiance to the Twins being they are my favorite MLB team.

What were you doing with you found out you won?
Funny story I was actually at work. I just got done with a video conference call and quick logged in to IG because I knew that the winner was going to be announced that day. The notification popped up that @neweracaps had left a comment and followed me. I lost it. I called my wife and text all my friends. Unfortunately I think I worked six days that week because not much work got done the remainder of that day.
How was the whole experience from start to install?
It was awesome. The wall was delivered a few days before they installed it. That day it took about 4-5 hours to get it all arranged and set up and to get the interview done. They flew a rep from New Era out to assist and set up the wall. It was overall a great experience. Great people and the end product turned out great!
Did you win a custom cap wall only or cap wall and caps?
jeremy cap talk 1
It was the cap wall. I had a huge collection of new era caps already.
How many hats has your collection grown to?
Hats total I do not even know what that could be. I have a few totes full of ones I have got from over the years. New era hats I have just over 260 I believe. It is hard to tell because the UPS man shows up daily to the house. It is the ongoing joke on my street.
How do you store all your other hats besides your hat wall?
I needed to find something. I was going to line the ceiling of the basement with them until I won the hat wall. Most were stored on top of my wall for a while but I finally purchased a dresser just for them. I figure I have room to get up over 300 or so with that. Eventually I guess it will be another dresser.
Do you normally leave the back light on?
Depends. I mostly use that for special occasions. The younger kids love that so they always turn it on when they are over.
What do your friends/family usually say about your collection and now the new hat wall?
My wife says “obsessed”. She thinks collecting is a lifelong project. I agree but the problem is that all these hats come out and then get phased out because they are for a certain event or there is a logo change. I can’t wait to get the all star hat until the next year or I will not be getting it at all. My friends and family think that it is cool. The wall is a great display and makes a great addition to the basement. It is really just over the top. Most people wonder why something like that exists. I am one who is glad it exists.
Why do you only collect MLB and MILB New Era hats?
I love baseball. I do have a few NFL, NBA and NHL hats but that total is under ten. The MILB logos are awesome. I think it is fun to get them because most people have no idea what they are which makes it even better. Football is a close second for baseball but in baseball they wear the hats you are collecting on the field which has more of a connection than the football , basketball and hockey hats.
Are snapbacks out of the question or would you ever consider wearing them?
I guess never say never but I handsdown prefer a new era. Unless it’s a rare old hat I will stay away from snapbacks especially in a New Era hat.
Are their any specialty shops you specifically recommend for hats in your city?
Honestly Minnesota is tough. We do have Mall of America with four Lids stores and a New Era store. Other than that I tend to stick to online ordering. Hatclub, Lids, Fanatics, Mickey’s Place, MLB and MILB shop are where I usually go to. It’s tough to get the MILB logos in a store. My goal is to visit every Major League stadium. I love to have friends and relatives stop and get hats for me from the actual stadiums especially the minor league teams.
Besides your wife being the best thing that’s ever happened to you why is New Era so important to you as a brand?
Honestly it’s because of the quality and variety of the hats they provide. I have worn the same hat for years and still have it today. It is awesome to wear the same hats the pros wear on the field as well.
You have quite a large collection. What are some of your stand out pieces?
My favorite hat is a hat I got for my birthday last year. It’s the team issued only St Paul Saints hat. It was a TBTC game and New Era only had rights for that game and for the team only. It was not sold in stores. After that I would go with my Kernals hat that I got signed by Byron Buxton last year at the game in Cedar Rapids. It just has some unique value to me. A fellow collector sent me an old Hardware City hat as well with the logo similar to the TC logo for the twins. That hat is one of my favorites as well.
After that it would probably be the 2014 all star patch hat because it is in Minnesota this year and that will be special.
Any final words?
I appreciate the time for the interview. I am thankful for having a place to go run through the forums. I am not a huge poster but love to see what peoples thoughts are about something I am passionate about. Also thanks to New Era for the amazing contest that they put out to take my collection to the next level. I love to see everyone’s hats so find me on IG!

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