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Our dude Miguel Acevedo aka Mike Ace takes us inside his cap collection this week. Being a New Era cap enthusiast, the extent of his superhero line up is truly a thing of beauty. But superhero’s aren’t his only favorite style of cap Mike is a huge fan of his local pro sports teams being the Philadelphia Phillies and the Eagles. Make sure to check out what he has to say. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at

Name: Miguel Acevedo
From: Pottstown PA (45min outside of Philadelphia)
Hang outs: MikeAce21 on Nectalk and Instagram
Cap size: 7 ¼ and 7 3/8
What got you started collecting hats?
Well, I always had a hat on my head back when I was a young boy in the 90s. Back then it was all about starter snapback caps. Man, I hated them. My friends would always come up behind me and unsnap them. I think it was about 1995 when my dad bought me my first new era fitted, it was an Atlanta Braves hat. Man I rocked that cap every day. I loved the color and I loved the fact that my friends couldn’t unsnap it, it was just a better feeling and fit on my head. I was hooked on New Era after that. From there I bought a Yankees and Phillies fitted, it wasn’t about what team I was wearing or how many I had, I just liked wearing hats. I rocked them hard, I threw some away, gave some away, even lost some but I always had a couple of hats on hand.
How long have you been collecting for?
Well like I said I always had a hat on my head but I got really serious about 6 years ago. It all started because I wanted the dopest Philadelphia Phillies collection in my town. My wife would encourage it and add to the collection.  Then she bought me my first comic book hat, it was a batman hat, she knows I’m a batman geek. It was part of the dark knight rises collection the one that has the batman logo on top of Gotham city and all that did was open my eyes up and made me realize that there are some really dope ass comic book and entertainment hats out there. So a total of 6 years of collecting Phillies hats and the last 3 years collecting anything dc comics, marvel comic and entertainment hats. I’m always looking for the rare one too so if anybody has some rare comic book hats hit me up please. now that New Era has the rights to make NFL hat and I’m a big Eagles fan shit that’s just adds more fuel to the fire.
How many hats are you at now?
85, I gave some away to friends and family and turned some of them into work hats, mostly my old Phillies hats that I didn’t wear anymore. 85 is the count right now but that number changes once a week.
Where did you find the Superman 59Fifty Fitted Hat with the all over newspapers patterns?
That one I just added to the collection, BIG S/O to my homie Raza ( MZR786) that I met on Nectalk, very good dude and his collection is really dope too. For all you guys that collect comic book hats, hit him up he always has some goodies in his collection but don’t ask him where he gets them from because he’s not telling.
You’re clearly a fan of superhero hats that tell a story on the whole silhouette. What is it about that type of cap that you like?
Well who isn’t a fan of superheroes, I remember as a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons, we all remember those days. Some of us let that inner kid die and some of us run wild with that inner kid and let it be known. I’m one of those guys that still watches cartoons and all the superhero movies. So why wouldn’t be attracted to those hats?
How did you land those two Alice in Wonderland pieces?
You know that’s the beauty of being a member on Nectalk, guys let you know when exclusive hats come up on certain sites and when they just want to sell or trade.
So the Cheshire cat came up on and they sold out very quickly. I was very lucky to get mine before it sold out, the all over print came from a member on Nectalk that wanted to sell a couple his hats off. I’m still on the hunt for the other two so I can complete the set, so if anyone has them for sale please let me know.
When you saw that the Simpson released that Zombie collection did you start tracking it down asap or hold off on it?
Man when I first saw them on it was a must have. Being a Simpson fan, it was a no brainer on getting the whole set. .
Do you recommend storing your caps in plastic drawers? What are the pros and cons?
Hell yeah I recommend storing your caps in a plastic drawers, they stay dust fee. I used to hang them up on the wall on that hat rack but I notice that the hat rack was deforming my hats, if you think about it they are hanging there over time, they start to sag down. plus I just got tired of dusting them off all the time, I like to keep them fresh and dust free.
Do you categorize your hats by team, color, or style?
I got them sorted by dc comics, marvel, entertainment, Simpsons and Looney Tunes collection, Disney, Philadelphia Phillies, and Philadelphia Eagles. It sounds crazy but it works for me
What are your three favorite hats?
This was a tough decision to make, it’s like asking a parent which kid is their favorite, but if I had to pick it will be my Batman hat.  That’s the one started my love for all things comic book and entertainment. My other favorite is my Philadelphia Phillies custom new era by you hat because my wife made that one for me for my birthday. My last favorite would have to be Philadelphia Eagles, I was a very happy man when New Era got the NFL contract.
What one hat are you looking for to add to the collection? A holy grail.
I’m always on the hunt for more hats, my collection is always growing  but so my holy grail hats that I’m looking for are the batman and robin utility belt hats, a couple of batman all over hats , Spiderman and venom all over hat, superman all over and the mumm ra hat and many more, the list goes on forever.
What do you want to see New Era release in the future?
I could  go on forever with this question, but just to name a few I would love to see New Era make; Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Popeye, futurama and more Philadelphia Eagles hats because it seems like they don’t make a lot of Eagles custom fitted and being a big Eagles fan I would love to see more options out there.
Where did you find that Beagle Boys 59Fifty fitted New Era? Was it hard to get?
Actually I found that one on and I got the last one in my size, so that was pretty sweet.
What is your personal favorite hat out of your Batman/Joker collection?

Wow that’s a tough one to answer because I’m a big batman fan and I love all of my batman hats so just to pick one is tough.  If I had to pick one I’m going to have to pick my Arkham City all over hat. New Era did such a great job when they made this hat, the white and black with a touch of color in each character, man that hat is just SICK!
How did you manage to get that Transformers hat figurine?
I won this from you guys, it was a give-a-away that Nectalk did last year, so thank you Nectalk for this. It’s a very awesome toy and I can’t wait for the next give way
Do you enjoy being part of the Nectalk community?
Hell yeah I do. It truly is an awesome feeling that I’m not alone out there. I love how it brings people from all over the world together and no matter what your collection looks like, how small or big it is, we all share a common interest. It feel really good to be a part of that.
Any final words?
First I’d like to say thank you for the interview, I really respect what you guys are doing with the site and the forum. To everyone out there it doesn’t matter what people think about your collection, stay true to what you love and what you’re passionate about, Fly Your Own Flag. Stay humble and respect the next man or woman’s collection.  We all have different interests and personalities, but remember we all share the same common interest, we speak with our caps. That’s what makes this hat community so beautiful and special. I would like to give a big S/O to all my Nectalk homies, it’s a great community to be a part of and to my fitted family on Instagram thank you guys for making a part of that community as well, #fortheloveoffitted and thank you New Era for making such great hats.


  1. Yvette Ramsey

    Wow Mike! your collection is awesome!! Love you Big Bro!

  2. Sweet collection, that looks even better in person!

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