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Norbert Floßmann from Rudolstadt, Germany has a collection many of us wish we could pull some hats out of. His collection features a wide range of Capture the Flag hats, Sorry I’m Fresh fitteds and the New Era cursive series but that’s not it. Check the jump to see his moutain of hats and what’s on his mind! What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at admin@neweracaptalk.com.reppin101-new-era-cap-collector-collection

Name: Norbert Floßmann
Where your from: Rudolstadt Germany
Social Handles:
http://instagram.com/norbertfl #
Cap Size: 7 5/8
What was your first cap?
My first cap was a purple New York Yankees 59Fifty Cap. I would never sell it. But I eventually had to get second one because purple is not proved to be suitable for everyday use. So I had found on ebay a green blank and immediately bought it. Since then green has always been my color.
How many hats do you have?
300 caps with me
I currently stand at 475.
How did your passion for New Era come about?
My first New Era Cap was purchased in 2009. Before that I had never worn a hat and I thought I’d give it a try with a New Era Cap. Which was obviously the right decision as we all know!
Then I gradually started getting more. In September 2010 I was in Berlin for the IFA and I thought if I’m already there, then off to the New Era Flagship Store. My buddy had to go through there, although he himself is not a Cap Collector. For me, it was paradise, but I bought on only 2 pieces that day. Then even more caps were added, and in December 2010 I had made ​​the impressive number of 100.
I also ended up getting number 200 in Berlin.  The 300th cap was the Support Your Local Hustler Cap by New Era and Expensive Taste. It was a limited edition of 144 pieces. My 400th was a cap from the issuing 01/08/2013 New Era Store in Frankfurt.
Your favorite collection our of your collection is which one?
script 4
Part of my collection which is particularly close to my heart is the great NE scripts collection that I can call my own. I’ll get me every model in the range. Also, I previously possessed 13 Capture the Flag Caps and I had them sent to me from the U.S..
Where do you store your New Era hats?
Simply crated and in the New Era Cubes. This has worked well for me.
What separates your collection of other collectors?
What Separates my collection from other collections has to be that I have almost only specialty releases. I’m always excited and looking for them.
Where did you find the New Era cubes?
script 3
I had a friend that was able to get them from me but unfortunately I can not say where I got them.
Where did you find most of your Capture The Flag hats?
Most of them I got off of eBay USA.
Which Capture The Flag hats are your favorite?
For capture the flag its MC Hot Dog.
What are your top three favortie hats?
That’s a tough question. I would say K1X black / green, Berlin Bear Store exclusive in turquoise, and my black 99 Problems New Era.
What do you like about the “Sorry I’m Fresh” 59Fifties?
Love that they are simple and its something suitable for my collection because I feel like my collection is fresh.
Which New Era flagship stores have you visited?
Berlin and Frankfurt. Berlin I am at, at least once a month.
Have you ever hung out with other hat enthusiasts in Europe?
Yes, this year we had a meeting at the Splash Festival. Even so, I Always have to do it with the boys.
Do you enjoy being part NewEraCapTalk?
Yes, especially the forum. It’s an amazing help. The info and resources on customs from the U.S. help guide my purchases. Love how everyone helps everyone out.

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