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We recently had the opportunity to connect with Hawaii based retailer and clothing brand In4mation. Getting their start in the early millennium, the brand has always released a positive message most notably “I SHALL PROCEED…AND CONTINUE”. In this latest “In4mative” discussion with In4mation they give us a sneak peak at whats to be expected for the Fall 2014 season and tip us off on what their all time favorite branded New Era release was. captalk in4mation new era cap talk

How did the four partners originally connect to bring in4mation to life?
We were all in Hawaii at the time with the same love of clothing and music, we surfed skated played music from there it was natural for us to start something in Hawaii that we could In4m people of that very street lifestyle.
in4mation and Voltron how do they correlate?
With in4mation our ideology is “were strong individually but if as a team we will be that much stronger” thus the reference to Voltron.
“I SHALL PROCEED…AND CONTINUE” is really deep catch phrase. Is this what keeps you guys focused and on the grind day after day?
Owning 3 shops and a brand is grind , theres ups and downs in this biz … the “i shall proceed and continue” is our motto that we look to and live
How many stores does in4mation currently have in Hawaii?
3 .  One in central Oahu Pearl ridge area , the other in Chinatown arts district and last one we just opened right in the middle of Honolulu.
What is the ideal experience you’re looking for your customers to achieve when they walk into an in4mation boutique or purchase an in4mation garment?
First we always want our customer to feel welcome , 2nd we want to customer to know what they are buying giving them the background on design and why we made it.
How does the Streetwear scene differ in Hawaii than other big American cities such as LA, NY?
Its very similar. Honolulu is a pretty big city at this point where we have the same feel as most big cities..only difference is that were in paradise.
Does Hawaiian culture and history influence the brand?
For In4mation we kept away from Hawaiian culture and history but we do have Aloha Army which we created just for that purpose of doing something very Hawaii.
What have been your most successful brand collaborations?
Each one we have done have been very amazing. each one has touched a different type of genre for the most part so when your reaching someone that doesn’t know your brand thats successful for us.
How’s your experience been dealing with New Era from a brands perspective?
New era has been great to us. We were one of the lucky ones to be working with them right as their brand rose. Its been easy for us to work together.
When you think of past in4mation New Era hat releases which ones come to mind first and why?
In4mation hi New Era
Our favorite has to be our original black and white hi 59fifty. clean and strong.
What are the some of the stories, motifs and inspirations behind this Fall 2014’s releases?
in4mation New Era 1
in4mation New Era 2
in4mation New Era 3
in4mation New Era 4
in4mation New Era 5
For fall we wanted to keep the designs clean also we wanted to introduce our positive logo which will be one of our main logos from here on out.
What advice do you have for younger brands trying to make it in an such a competitive space?
Just do you. don’t do what others are doing . be original.
What can fans of the brand expect moving forward?
You can expect the brand to be more creative and fun with our designs. we got some good collaborations. One that involves one of the biggest street wear brands , us and new era.
Where can people connect with the latest in4mation gear?
Any final words?
Be yourself , have fun.

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