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Stéphane Vranckx from Brussels, Belgium declares his addiction to New Era hats in our latest Cap Talk interview. His pad features a New Era shrine that looks like it belongs in a retail shop. Speaking about retail shops Stéphane is so passionate about hats that he’s currently working on a little project of his own that may see that exact dream realized in November of 2014. Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at

Name: Stéphane Vranckx
Where are you from: Brussels (Belgium)
Hat Size: 7 5/8
Social Handles: Instagram: New_era_addict
When did you buy your first New Era?
I bought my first new era in 2002. Before I already had other brands (Fubu, Nike, Adidas, …) but to me a New Era is much more comfortable. 2-3 years later, I started just buying New Era.  The products they make are beautiful and original. I always want to buy them even when I tell myself to stop. The marketing manager is very very clever :)
How many hats do you have?
Exactly: 203
Where do you normally buy your hats from?
I am looking for models that we not find in stores in Belgium. webshop or travel.
Living in Europe which flagship New Era stores have you been to?
NO NEVER … :/ But I do hope to one day visit them.
Have you ever been to the United States to visit any flagship stores?
Yes, I was in New York in September. I bought 21 New era hats and a bunch of t-shirts. It was cool cause the seller working that day had “recognized” me from instagram.
Do you ever meet up with other New Era collectors?
Yes: My friends biggjay74 (instagram) and djschame. Dope guys.
What is the favorite thing about your collection?
mmmh, ALL MY COLLECTION. Every hat has a story :)
What is your top hat?
My first ever hat that I got is forsure my favorite. It was a blue New York Yankees hat. It’s not clean anymore due to its age.
How did you make your New Era hat wall and where did you get all the signs?
It’s made out of wood, “MDF”. I called a student in the carpentry program that I knew and he was willing to help me build it. For accessories, I begged and harass a person at New Era.  I can not say more. haha.
Does every cap you own fit on your hat wall?
For the moment, all my hat are on my cap wall. Alot of people say its not good to keep them exposed cause of the dust but by cleaning them every 2 months they still look fresh.
You have alot of New York Yankees caps. Being from Europe what attracts you to the Yankees?
It was my first, I started the collection with the New York Yankees. In Europe you can find these hats, especially back than way more easily. People also buy those hats for the city of New York not for the actual Yankees team. As an example the foot locker in Belgium, there are only Yankees fitteds for the most part.
Who do you think has the largest New Era collection in the world that your aware of?
That’s a good question. I’m not sure… So many people have large collections but the most beautiful collection: is mine ;)
What do your family and friends say about the hat wall?
I’m crazy, but it’s easy to pick gifts for me ;)
What stores would you recommend visiting when in your city?
There is no shop with wide a selection in Belgium which is unfortunate. So I’m going to realize my dream. I’ve stopped working to open my own store for November 2014. (I’m currently working on the project). chuuuut :)
Any final words?
Thanks Nectalk! I love New Era!

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