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This weeks Cap Talk interview features Luke Tica from the Midlands in the U.K. Luke keeps rising his flag on a weekly basis by flying his own and adding pieces that make sense to him. His collection features an impressive base of superhero fitted New Era hats especially those of Batman and Joker and he’ll tell you why. Salute to Luke for connecting with us on this! Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at admin@neweracaptalk.comreppin101-new-era-cap-collector-collection
Name: Luke Tica
Where are you from? I’m from the midlands in the U.K
What size of hat do you wear? I wear a 7 3/8 or 7 1/2
What are your social handles? facebook is Luke Tica , Instagram- teakrs_prymetyme  and nectalk is prymetyme

How many hats do you own?
60 at present but this number is constantly rising on a weekly basis.
When did you start collecting?
I have always been a hat person since I was a kid always wearing a hat and if I think about  now I have  worn a hat everyday for the last 25 years I think I don’t leave the house without my hat on other than work. I remember having a couple of hats at one time and I would wear the life out of those 2 hats until they were unwearable haha then I would use my pocket money to go buy another couple hats and that’s how it was for years. But then I remember in the mid 90’s I saw a music video I cant remember which but I saw the new era 59fifty for the first time as they were not really a household name over here. I knew I had to have one but couldn’t find one anywhere here in the u.k and then I went to visit family in the u.s and at that time Fred Durst and limp bizkit where the big thing and I said to myself im going to find a new era fitted on this trip and especially a red new York one. so as you can guess I spend all my holiday in heaven going into all these cool hat shops and seeing all these fitteds was great and at the time I was only like 15 but I ended coming back to the u.k with around 6 new era fitted and I can remember what there were aswell. they were a red yankees,black yankees,blue dodgers, red dodgers,blue Detroit tigers,camo dodgers 39thirty. and then new era became more well known in this country and world wide thanks to the internet among other things. but I didn’t start collecting properly unit probably couple years ago when I started to learn about all the collabs and marvel/dc comics and entertainment hats and that appealed to me and that was the hook line and sinker for me and I’ve been a certified new era fitted
addict since then.
Whats the headwear game like out of the Midlands in the U.K?
Too be honest here in the u.k its snapback heaven and to me I don’t really feel it as its just a hype and a band wagon everyone has jumped on. I remember when I first started wearing fitted and id rock them backwards and people you to be like why you wearing it backwards and say you look stupid and I didn’t care as I wear what I want how I want that’s a part of been your own person and personality but now fast forward years and here’s everyone rocking snapbacks backwards cause its the cool thing. I’m proud to say
I was doing that before they could walk so get off your hype haha. but there are a few fitted collectors in the u.k and there getting to know about each other now thanks to things like instagram and social groups so its starting to get going over here. its good for me as none of my friends are into hats so its just been a thing I do for myself but now I get to share it with other like minded people.
Any specific hat shops you’d recommend?
As far as hat shops there a few independent specialist shops around the u.k but local to me in the midlands I am 15 minutes away from the Birmingham new era flagship store and also I’m only 20 mins away from a place called Dr.Cap which is a cool place. check out there website.
How do you handle storing your hats?
Now this is the age old question and one thing that causes me the most hassle. I originally put some shelves up and had my hats on there displayed so I could enjoy them but dust became a factor so I currently have them stored in boxes and bags as im trying to make a nice storage unit that has glass doors so I can display then and keep them clean and fresh and dust free so that’s an ongoing project I hope to complete soon.
How much would you say your collection is worth?
As a collector and I’m sure all the other guys will tell you its hard to put a value on it. sure you could add up what each hat cost and say that number but the truth is that each persons collection is priceless to them as each persons collection holds significance to them and person value so its a question that cant be answered. You have alot of super hero and New Era life style pieces.
What attracts you to those styles?
I am a big fan of superhero stuff and i love hats so the 2 go hand in hand. also a lot of it is nostalgia as when i was a kid i was massively into teenage turtles,transformers,batman,Disney etc so its a way of reliving some of that childhood but also some of the hats are just badass as i like good designs and like to have a lot of variation in my collection. If i like a hat i will get it regardless of what it is.
What is your fascination with the Joker?

I’m a huge batman fan especially villains and the joker is just one of those things that i took a liking to when i was a kid and he is the best of the best villain( some may argue that statement). so if i see any joker hats im on them without a doubt.

Have you seen the latest preview of the Joker Smile 59Fifty New Era hat? What are your thoughts on it?
Yes I have seen it and I missed out on a sample of it that was on eBay so I’m going to be sure picking that up when it drops. I like it as its different to what a lot of people may have been expecting.
Where did you snag up that spiderman half black half red fitted hat??
I managed to snag that beauty on eBay. it was a u.k exclusive back in 2008 i think and i hadn’t seen many of them about so i dropped a cheeky bid in and won it.
We need to know, what are your top three favorite New Era hats out of your collection?
That’s a hard question but in no particular order i would have to say the brain stew hat from the Halloween drop in 2007 or 2008 its such a cool well made hat in real life pics don’t do it justice. the xmen all over hat as this was my first comic hat i bought from the new era flagship store in Birmingham and thw joker trapper hat because its badass and its made of waterproof material and its the joker and i
haven’t seen anyone with it as of yet. These three would probably follow.
Did you to the art work on the Yums New Era hat?
The yums hats i really cool.i got it off a guy who had the art done on it when he was in the u.s. so i can say it is a one off. the art work is so good on it.
Has the nectalk community been able to help you out in any way?
I cant say enough about the nectalk community. the good thing about this fitted collecting game is that everyone is here to help each other unlike the kicks game where its everyone for themselves. people go out there way to help each other and at the end of the day we are all sharing the same passion and we like to see everyone get what there looking for. i like to think i have helped people get the hats they have been looking for and vice-verse people have helped me. that’s what its all about. I’ve met some good people on here and no doubt will continue to meet more.
Any final words?
Well i would like to say thanks to yourselves for contacting me and wanting to do this interview and thinking the collection was worthy enough for it. also id like to give a shout out to all the people following me on instagram and big shout-out to all the nectalk peeps. and big thanks to Raza for sending me one of my grails and also hector for another grail of mine. and lets keep this hat collecting game going and get it stronger and a pleasure to be in and lets find some grails and gems and just enjoy this shit. Thanks guys!

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