NECTalk’s Top World Cup New Era Cap Picks

The 2014 World Cup kicked off yesterday in Sao Paulo, Brazil! This event brings out national pride in people all over the world. Who will take home the coveted trophy this year? Will host nation Brazil win for the 6th time, finally, on their own soil – healing a wound that the country still feels after losing shockingly to Uruguay in 1950, the last time they hosted to tournament? Can Italy take home the trophy for the 5th time and reclaim the glory of their 2006 victory? Will Spain continue their reign of dominance and win 2 consecutive World Cups in a row? Or perhaps we’ll see the Netherlands avenge their loss in the finals of the 2010 World Cup and win it all. Could England finally claim that 2nd World Cup they’ve been yearning for since 1966? (shouts to our friends at New Era Europe) Or will Ronaldo lead Portugal to their first World Cup victory that the country has craved for so long? Maybe Ghana or USA can surprise everyone and break out of the group of death, and go all the way. Is there a chance that the hand of God will be on Argentina’s side? Or will a team not expected to win become legendary and claim soccer’s greatest prize in Brazil? We have no bloody idea. That’s why we’re asking you! But one thing we’re sure of is that it’s important to #WearYourAllegiance to your country wherever you’re watching the World Cup – whether you’ll be in Rio de Janeiro cheering in the stands of the Maracana Stadium at the World Cup final game, celebrating in a Munich beer hall, watching from a London pub, from a cafe in Rome, or partying in the streets of Toronto. New Era has plenty of World Cup-related caps to support your country. So we thought we’d compile some of the best and where to get them. We’ve also thrown in a few caps from World Cups past. So while you’re out picking up your nation’s soccer jersey, don’t forget to purchase a fresh New Era cap to go along with it, to #SpeakWithYouCap and rep your country proud! Here are our top New Era World Cup related cap picks.





EA Sports x New Era Side Flag 9FIFTY Collection

New Era and EA Sports – makers of the 2014 World Cup official video game –  want to be “in the game” for this year’s prestigious soccer tournament with this snapback drop, so you can rep your country proud. The caps come in grey and feature an 8-bit style pixilated player embroidered on the front. The sides of the caps feature a choice of flags including: Italy, Brazil, Argentina, England, or Spain. These snapbacks also display another iconic flag: The New Era logo! If you want to get into the game for this World Cup and #WearYourAllegiance proud with a touch of 8-bit swag, pick these snapbacks up at New Era.


New Era Country Colour Collection @ Planet-Sports

The World Cup started yesterday with a big win for team Brazil. The Country Color series is the perfect way to not only rep your country proud, but also your favorite baseball team. This collection includes MLB fitteds that feature colorways of countries taking part in this year’s world-wide soccer tournament. Cheer on your favorite teams by picking these caps at Planet-Sports.


Mexico New Era Collection

New Era Mexico dropped a huge collection of caps this year for people to support the country proud! With Mexico in Group A for the first round of the 2014 World Cup, with one of the tournament’s favorites and host nation, Brazil, the team will need all the support they can get from their fans. Most of these fitteds display a traditional eagle symbol embroidered on the front, and “New Era” on the back. The sides display the flag of Mexico and the New Era logo. With this cap on your head, there will be no mistaking which country you’re reppin’ during the World Cup. Check them out at Innovasport.


World Baseball Classic Caps

Although not soccer-related, the World Baseball Classic caps are a great way to support your country. Many of them come in their respective nation’s colorway and flag embroidered on the side. We recently peeped cap collector Mike Perri reppin’ Italy with one of these caps on Instagram. These fitteds are currently on sale at New Era.


Check Your Local New Era Retailers

Another great way to rep your country, and perhaps find a unique cap that not too many people have, is to check out your local New Era retailers to find caps in a unique colorway. I purchased this Montreal Expos 59FIFTY at a store on Toronto’s Queen Street (the store has since closed down) during the 2010 World Cup. It comes in an Azzurri Blue colorway with the Expos iconic logo displayed in the colors of the Italian flag (can you guess which team I’m rooting for?) I remember they also had Blue Jays caps in a Portuguese color combo. I’ve never seen these fitteds anywhere else and I still get asked to this day where I got it. So do a little exploring at your local shops . You never know what you might find!


Flag Front 9FIFTY Collection @ New Era Europe

In the words of our friends over at New Era Europe, “The time has come. Represent your country this summer,” and what better way to do it with the “Flag Front” collection! This drop features, you guessed it, flags of the countries taking part in this year’s world cup, including Belgium, Brazil, England, Italy, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Argentina, Ivory Coast and Spain, embroidered on the front of the caps. They come in the colorways of their respective country’s flags. #FlyYourOwnFlag proud, and connect with New Era Europe to cheer on your team in style.


Country Colors Redux 59FIFTY Collection

If you’re looking to fly your country’s flag and rep the New Era proper, check out this fresh 59FIFTY drop. The caps feature many flags of the teams taking part in the 2014 World Cup, such as Italy Korea, France and Japan, embroidered inside the iconic New Era Flag! #FlyYourOwnFlag proud and support your country in these fresh fitteds. Head on over to New Era for yours!


2010 World Cup Collection

One of our favorite World Cup drops was this collection that New Era released during the 2010 World Cup. The caps featured creative designs using colors and nationals symbols. Included in this drop were teams such as Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Germany, Cameroon, Holland, South Africa, Italy, and France. These caps are no longer available, but they do pop up on ebay from time to time.


New Era Brazil World Cup Caps

With Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup, you knew that New Era Brazil was going to cook up something special for the tournament. They have released many caps in various styles, designs and silhouettes. Some of the standout pieces include 39THIRTY style caps that come in all black and feature team country flags on the front and an all-flag-everything pattern on the inside of the cap. There are also snapbacks which display exciting custom country color combinations on the front and removable snapbacks on the back so you can change up color schemes. Our favorite pieces in this drop are the fitteds which pay homage to Brazil designed by Rio de Janeiro-based artists. Check out these hats at New Era Brazil.

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