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On this weeks Cap Talk What’s on Your Mind segment we have Kansas Cities own Ralphie Garcia talking one of his most favorite hobbies – New Era hats! Ralphie Garcia made his move from San Diego to Kansas City in the early 2000’s but that hasn’t stooped him from being a full time cap collector. He talks about his his favorite type of caps and what makes his collection so unique. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at

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Name: Ralphie Garcia
Where are you from? living in Kansas City, Missouri
Born: San Diego, California
Size: 7 1/4
Teams: San Diego Padres (mlb), San Diego Chargers (nfl)
Social Handles: twittter: @ralphie92, instagram: @ralphie1192, neweracaptalk: RG13CC
What brings your to Kansas City?
Some of my family members moved over here in the mid 90s. They told my mother about how great it was out in the midwest . So after we visited Kansas City a few times we moved in the early 2000s and I’ve been in Kansas City since.
Which city has better selection of hat stores Kansas City or San Diego?
From the few stores that I’ve been to I would have to say San Diego.
What are some of the hat shops you visit in Kansas City?
Kansas City doesn’t really have a huge fitted community in my eyes. But some of the top spots in the area would be Lids in the oak park mall and lids in the independence mall.
How long have you been collecting for?
I’m a rookie in the fitted community . I’ve been a full time collector since July 2012.
What would you say peeked your interest in becoming a cap collector?
The 2012 ASG (All Star) San Diego Padres New Era cap is what got me interested in becoming a full time collector. That and my cousin was working as a manger at lids at the same time.

How many New Era’s do you own?
I currently own 175 new era caps .
What makes your collection so diverse?
What I think makes my collection so diverse would be the fact that when I shop for caps I try to get a little of everything . A couple hats from each sport along with some customs as well .
What does the 59Fifty New Era silhouette mean to you?
New era to me is a lifestyle to me . I say this because With new era you came represent your favorite teams , colors, brands, & styles. Something I feel you can’t do a well with other brands.
Did you collect all of the 59Fifty Anniversary Series fitted hats?
ralphie garcia new era cap talk collector collection
Unfortunately I was only able to get three of the 59th anniversary caps with the stitched in visor sticker.
Do you prefer online vs instore shopping?
I would have to say online because in Kansas City we really don’t have a lot of stores to buy exclusives from.
Do you wear snapbacks and fitteds?
I only wear fitteds.
Why only fitteds?
They fit much better to me that and something about the hole on the back of a SnapBack that I just can’t get with .
Do you look for specific type of patches on the side of of your caps?
When it comes to patches I try to grab some of the more unique ones. I also try to buy the ones that have great significance to me. One that comes to mind would be my San Diego padres hat with the 2012 All Star Game patch. That hat is an awesome hat to me because of all the memories I have associated with it. I bought it a the home run derby in 2012 at Kauffman stadium . I picked out the hat at the team and got the side patch pressed on I front of me . It is also that hat the got me interested in collecting new era hats.
What did you think of the Rococo collection New Era put out?
I like most of the releases from the brand especially the saint & sinner hats. Such great detail went into both of those.
Do you store your hats in bags and them put them in plastic containers?
Some of them I do because I feel like You can never be to safe . Also the time and effort I put into finding some of these I think it’s only right .
Have you ever considered building a cap wall?
I have considered it and I would really like to design one once I find a good place with enough space to put it in .
For the people who have never owned a Dog Ear 59Fifty flap down cap would you recommend it?
I would say that dog ear hats are a must if you live in a city where it snows and has cold weather like Kansas City .
What are your top three favorite hats?
I’ve been asked this question quite a few times and as my collection keeps growing its harder to narrow it down to three. So I can’t think of my top three at the moment.
Do you think anyone else out there has as many San Diego related New Era hats as you?
Yeah I’m sure because I’ve scene a few collections on Instagram that had much more San Diego new era hats .
What do you like about New Era Cap Talk?
New Era Cap Talk has helped me keep up with new releases and get the chance to know a bit more information about some of the great collectors in the fitted community.
Any final words?
For my final words I would just like to say thank you to the people of new era cap talk for taking time out of their busy schedule to interview me . I would also like to give a bit of advice to any beginning collector or someone who’s considering collecting new era caps. Buy what you like no matter what because your the one who gets to wear it . New era is one of the few brands that has so many great options to its product . Always be positive because the fitted community is a very welcoming place that consist of awesome people that are willing to help to you find some of those hats that you’ve had trouble finding .

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