Seoul 9FIFTY Collection at New Era Korea

New Era Korea pays homage to the country’s capital city, Seoul, with this latest 9FIFTY collection. Seoul is the world’s second biggest metropolitan area, with a population of over 25.5 million people. It is also a city where past and future coexist. There are many historic sites to visit, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace. There are also more modern tourist attractions, such as Myeongdong, the city’s famous shopping/fashion district, and Lotte World, which is home to the the world’s largest indoor theme park. One of the best parts of going to Seoul is the food, where there are countless spots to get Korean BBQ and bibimpbap, or head to Seoul’s Eungam-dong neighborhood to Gamjatang Alley, which is filled with restaurants that serve Gamjatang (a hearty pork bone stew). If you want, there are also spots where you can chow down on Ddong Bbang, which are poop shaped pastries. For international music lovers, Seoul is also where K-pop music originated. But enough about this awesome city. Let’s get to the hats! This drop includes three snapbacks. One cap is a red and black 9FIFTY that features “Souler” embroidered on the front in cursive lettering. Perhaps this is New Era Korea’s play on the Maison Kitsune “Parisen” snapback. Another cap comes in black, with Korean characters. Our favorite snapback in this drop comes in black, with the front displaying an ancient Korean temple/palace. This drop won’t last long. Add some Seoul to your cap collection and connect with New Era Korea for yours.


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