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The Cap Talk: Whats On Your Mind segment has garnered some seasoned vets in the collecting scene from all over the world. Our latest one comes directly from Adelaide, Australia with cap collector Bo Le! Bo takes pride in his collection and you can tell he puts time in searching for piece he truly loves. The manner in which he showcases his caps is a thing of beauty and he bares his secret after the jump. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at




Name: Bo Le
Where your from: Adelaide, Australia
Social Handles: instagram @ stat1c_
Hat Size: 7 1/2

What type of hats do you like to collect?


I like to collect a variety of hats but my main favorites are MLB and Japanese exclusives.

Is it challenging being a collector from Australia?

Because we don’t have any New Era flagship or Lids stores in Australia it does make it harder to collect as we have to mainly rely on ordering from overseas shops and eBay. Shipping can be overkill sometimes as well you sometime pay more for the shipping than the hat itself. I definitely get jealous seeing everyone on the forums posting the deals they get from their locals Lids and some of the exclusives they get from their flagship stores!

How long have you been collecting hats for?

I’ve been collecting hats in general for about 4 years now, but I’ve collecting New Era exclusively for about 2 years now. Once you get into collecting New Era branded hats you just can’t go back to the others.

Why can’t you go back to any other brands?

Just because it’s New Era, when you buy a New Era hat you know it’s quality, it’s premium, you get to fly  your own flag with the range of designs they have.

Do you prefer fitted hats or snapbacks?

I definitely prefer a fitted over a snapback, generally because I find with fitted it ‘fits’ better and you don’t get the little tail of hair after wearing a fitted. But so many dope designs are released by New Era in snapbacks only though which is kind of annoying.

How did you build your hat storage case?



Believe it or not my hat display cupboard is actually a 24 case DVD holder, I saw it in the shops one day and realized it would be perfect for displaying my hats, it was a bargain as well!

What’s you favorite thing about collecting New Era caps?

The best thing about collecting New Era caps that because they do so many collaboration with other brands there’s an endless supply of caps our there for you to collect. No matter what you’re interest is there’s definitely a cap out there which will interest you. I love browsing the forums, instagram and eBay and seeing what’s out there. You’ll see a cap posted and you’ll say ..”I want that!”

How many hats do you have?

People always ask me this question haha, as it stands I have 52 New Era hats with this number increasing on a weekly basis. Ever since becoming an active member of NECtalk in the past 2 months I find that I can’t go a week without buying a hat!

What is your favorite hat?


My favorite hat in my collection would definitely be my New Era x Evangelion UNIT 01 2009 Japanese Exclusive As I am a huge Evangelion geek, when I heard this hat was released back in 2009 I wanted it. Wasn’t able to find it anywhere on eBay or Yahoo Japan auctions. Finally recently a guy on eBay had it listed. The condition was pretty bad and it was flat as a pancake. Thankfully with Nu-Cap I was able to restore it and now it sits proudly on my shelf.2

How’s your experience been dealing with Culture Kings?

Culture Kings is great their selection is very good, I’ve bought from them both online and their physical stores. Shipping is extremely quick and they update their range quit regularly sometime a few custom gems pop up as well.

If you had to pick between Supreme, Tokidoki and Bape who would it be?


Tough choice as they all have their uniqueness but if I had to go with one it would be Tokidoki as I love their collaboration with Street Fighter series.


Has Nectalk ever been able to help you out?

NECtalk forum is a goldmine for resourceful information, the members are all truly knowledgeable and I’ve learned a lot being a member of NECTalk especially around cap care and how to spot a fake. Everyone is willing to help eachother out.

What would you like to see the hat community develop into?

It’s great to see New Era have such a strong focus on social media for their fan base, I love being a part of the cap community, I’ve found that member base is alot more chilled our compared to other ‘scenes’. Everyone is willing to lend a hand and help each other out and I hope it remains that way.

Any final words?

I would like to firstly say thank you for the interview opportunity, secondly I would like to say thank you for the great website and forums I respect what you guys have done for the community. Thirdly the hat community itself, we all share the same passion for collecting hats and we speak with our caps it has been a great community to be with. Stay humble.


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    Love that Eva hat, so jealous! Nice collection.

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