Pyradice New Era Snapback Preview

So you’ve seen Pyradice on Nigel Sylvester here and there but have no clue what its about… In issue 5 of Nigel goes into detail for the first time about the brand. Who’s behind it, what its aiming to achieve and also hits on alot of other dope topics. Recently the brand released a glimpse of  two New Era snapback hats that are going to be releasing August 2014 and will exclusively be available only via Hit the jump to see Nigel’s explanation of the brand.
Breaks Mag:
So this seems like a really good opportunity to talk about Pyradice. Do you wanna talk about it? Because nobody really knows about it at all. So lets dispel some rumours, it’s not just your thing is it?
Nigel Sylvester:
Not at all, Pyradice came about because I wanted to kinda centralise efforts between friends of mine who I respect what they do in their industries. So Harrison [Defgrip founder] is down with Pyradice, obviously Harrison does so much, we always talk about how we wanna do a brand and do something that’s just has a heavy BMX influence but is more than just BMX, similar to what we just spoke about, I want to actually make it like a real thing, not just an idea.
It’s myself, Harrison, my homie Cheech, Jon Hicks from California, he’s a filmer, and Ralphy Ramos. We’re the Pyradice crew. Pyradice is a crew, and it’s also a lifestyle brand. We wanna make products that we believe in and products that we actually use. Beyond just clothing, things we’d use on our bikes, off our bikes, and just kinda just do things our way. There’s so many brands out there these days but I feel Pyradice is different because first of all we have this BMX background but also we’re into so much other things, and I feel there’s not many brands like that that play in that world.
For example, Supreme is more than just a skate brand at this point, it’s massive dude, there’s so many people that wear Supreme that don’t even skateboard, but they appreciate the culture. I feel there are not many skateboard brands that can play in that same arena that Supreme plays in. So with Pyradice now I wanna do a brand that encompasses our lifestyle; the bike riding the art the fashion, music, lifestyle in general that’s what Pyradice is.

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