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Steven Thomas from Oshawa, Ontario holds Canada down huge in the latest Cap Talk interview. He talks to us about his preference in the whole Fitted vs. Snapback debate as well as what two teams he’s never worn or tried on one single time. That’s loyalty! Get all the details of his passion after the jump!  What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at

Name: Steven Thomas
Where are you from: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Hat Size: 7 5/8
Social Handles: Twitter and Instagram: @Shwampton


How many hats has your collection grown to?
I’m currently sitting at 75 counting only New Era fitted hats. I also have a few old reebok flex fit laying around and some toques they’re not really part of “the collection”. I have just purchased another order of 5 hats from yesterday.
What was your very first fitted hat?
Picture 1
My first actual fitted that I ever owned I guess would have been the black Blue Jays on field with the bird hanging off the letter “J” that they wore from 04-07, unfortunately I was young when I owned this hat and no longer have it. This Jay’s hat is the first on that I bought and still own, it was and still is one of my all-time favorite hats.
What are your thoughts on the whole snapback scene?
I am definitely not a fan of snapbacks. I see a lot of them that I like the look of but I dislike the comfort mostly. Especially when I want to flip my hat backwards. I went to the fullback hat when I was about 8 years old when the snaps would pop open trying to catch tennis balls at recess and I’m not going back now.
Do you only collect onfield New Era hats, why?
Picture 10
I do not only collect the onfield collection my first real goal was to finish the MLB and since then have just mainly bought more hats of the teams I actually cheer for. I have recently started working on the complete NHL collection of onfields and currently debating starting the NFL collection but in the dogear fitteds. As for why only NEW ERA its just the attention to detail, high quality and insane selection.
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Would you say you have all the MLB teams or are working towards it?
Picture 9
Yes, I have at least one hat for every single current MLB team, as well as almost every former team’s Cooperstown cap. There are three teams I did not get an official onfield for because I like one of the alternates a lot more they are Arizona, Pittsburgh and San Diego.
Picture 3
Do you wear them all or are their any teams you will absolutely not wear out of your collection? Which team is it? Why the hate?
There are only two hats I have never worn out of the collection, and I mean never even tried on my head one single time. Those two would be the Yankees and the Red Sox. Growing up a big time blue jays fan and only being about three years old when the jays won their two World Series rings I have gone into a lot of seasons with very little realistic hope of a winning team. The main reason for this was always looking at the payrolls and all-star filled lineups of those two division rivals. That punk John Farrell leaving the jays to go to the red sox definitely did not help either.
Are you a big sports guy and do you watch all major sporting leagues? (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL)
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I would definitely consider myself a big sports guy, I am currently playing in 6 yahoo fantasy baseball leagues and starting to scout and mock draft for NFL fantasy. I grew up playing and loving hockey but would now saw my favorite sports league has to be the NFL. Those MLB caps just look so damn good I keep buying them. The jersey collection shows my love of sports before I got into hat collecting.
The Green Bay Packers, how did you become a fan being from Canada?
Having no real home team living in Canada, and not having any other football fans in my family it was probably mostly due to seeing a lot of Green Bay games on TV. I Also liked the Vikings as a kid in the Carter and Moss era but as I got older and learned about divisional rivalries I knew I had to pick one. To me at the time Brett Favre (pre dick pic) was everything I thought sports should be about fierce competition but never losing the fun or passion for the game.
What is your favorite three caps out of your collection?
As soon as I saw the question list I knew this was going to the hardest one on here to answer but if I had to narrow it down to 3 it would have to be: The acme packers, 1934 Heritage classic St Louis cardinals, and my all time favorite Jays cap and logo they ever used. The Acme Packers I had to include mostly because it is one hat in my collection I never really see pictures of on other collectors Instagram and Twitter accounts. The Heritage classic because of all the things that make it so unique and different than the rest of the collection with the thick leather sweatband in the inside and the no structure to the front panel really has that old school feel and look. The blue jays cap has always been my favourite logo the team has ever had. It incorporates so many symbols from the letter “T” to represent the city, and the baseball playing Blue Jay with the Maple leaf tattoo on the arm as a Canadian and a Jays I am proud to wear this hat every time I put it on.
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Where did you pick up the Brooklyn Dodgers New Era hat? What makes it so unique?
I originally ordered the Brooklyn Dodgers cap on and didn’t know much about the history of the team other than Jackie Robinson story. I then saw the 42 cap that NEW ERA came out with displaying the number 42 in large font on the front panel and didn’t love the look of it. I had been thinking about getting something stitched on the dodgers cap since whenever I wore it out people would ask either why I wearing a Boston hat or ask why I got it in blue. I ended up going with the 42 on the right panel of the hat which I think came out looking real clean and sharp.
Picture 6
Any final words?
Thank you to NECT for the opportunity to not only share my collection but also to view and learn more about other cap collectors and their collections. Also just wanted to add one honorable mention to my list of favourite hats. This hat is actually not in my size it is a 7 ¼ but it was definitely one hat I couldn’t pass up when I saw it, always love the opportunity to rep my city (SHWAMPTON) especially when it is combined with NEW ERA.
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