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Arizona’s Mason Stoffey has stacks on stacks of New Era fitted hats but the art of collecting caps was passed on from his father to him. His father’s collection consisted of  minor league hats but Mason will add any hat that he feels stands out to him like the New Era 59Fifty Anniversary collection. Mason hopes to one day pass on the legacy of caps to his younger brother and possibly one day his own son. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at

Name: Mason Stoffey
Where are you from: Arizona
Hat Size: 7 1/8
Social Handles: Instagram: Stoffey5950 Twitter: Stoffey_m
How many hats do you have?
53 with one in the mail to make it 54.
What was your very first fitted hat?
My first fitted was my Carolina mud cats hat.
Is that a New Era cooler? How did you come about it?
Yes it is a New Era cooler, I won it from a twitter contest.
Where do you get the New Era hat boxes from?
I get my boxes from hat club, every time I walk in to the store they give me a few boxes.
How did you manage to find the white vintage one?
The white box is such a gem. It was given to me by my dad who used to collect minor league hats.
The 59Fifty Anniversary series. Why was it so important to you?

It was so important to me because, I just loved the detail that New Era put in to them, it really stood out to me. The fact that such an iconic silhouette was celebrating such a standout milestone was also something that stood out like a sore thumb.

Where did you find the New Era plaque?
I purchased the plaque on eBay, when I saw it i figured it would be a good prop for pictures and be a unique piece to my collection.
Do you only collect onfield hats?
No, I’ll add any fitted to my collection that stands out to me. Especially ones that mean something to me like the 59Fifty anniversary fitted New Era caps.
What are the differences between both of your Boston Red Sox “Socks” logo hats?
One of them is the current logo that they use and the other is what they wore from 1946-1951.
What is it that you look for specifically in your next hat purchases?
Really the one and only specific thing that I look for is trying to get a hat that stands out and not many fellow hat wearers will have.
Where do you like picking up your hats the most?
I usually will order them on New Era online shop or get them from Hat Club, I occasionally order from Mickey’s Place.
What are your favorite hats out of your entire collection?
My top five hats would have to be, my mighty ducks hat, Red Sox 9/11 patch hat, Spider-Man hat, Carolina Mud Cats and my DurhamBulls hat.
Any final words?
Thank you for this opportunity, collecting New era fitteds is such a great hobby I hope to pass it on to my little brother who I have already started a little collection for and hopefully someday pass it on to my son like my dad did to me.

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