Frank’s Chop Shop Agenda NYC 2014 Hats

As always, Frank’s Chop Shop has a lot to offer, using their Agenda NYC booth to showcase hats from both their upcoming collections and popular styles that were recently released. In their current collections, the more popular styles are their text hats, a stand out one being the “Mind Your Business” hat. Their LA hat is well known also, and for good reason as it manipulates their logo to show some hometown love! One of the newer hats that we’ll be seeing a lot more of is their ‘Keyhole’ design with Ben Frank, himself, peering through. With the newer collection, they continue to redefine their logos, with felt material to further accent the design. From haircuts to headwear, Frank’s Chop Shop continues to have you covered for anything shoulders up.  Hit the jump to see upcoming releases.


FrankChopNE7 FrankChopNE4 FrankChopNE3 FrankChopNE8 FrankChopNE6 FrankChopNE5  FrankChopNE1

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