San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Star Wars x New Era Caps

The San Diego Comic-Con recently took place, and there were some exclusive Star Wars x New Era caps available to make the pop culture party even more exciting. There were four hats available and the Dark Side of the Force was strong with three of them. The Boba Fett snapback displays a Mandalorian logo on the front and Boba Fett on the visor in an action pose. The Darth Vader 9FIFTY features an Empire logo and Darth Vader wielding his Lightsaber on the brim. The Stormtrooper cap also displays the Empire symbol with a Stormtrooper firing at a good guy that he’ll never hit. The San Diego Comic-Con didn’t forget about the rebels, because there was also a cap available featuring Chewbacca’s BFF, Han Solo. *Yoda Voice* – Young Jedi, missed the San Diego Comic-Con you have, but travel across the galaxy to find these caps at Comic-Con Stylin Online, you must. Hrrrmph, yesssss.



  1. Is it possible to buy these hats anywhere else now?

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