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With a collection that features some true gems, fellow cap collector,  Kevin Megens is one dude that deserves some credit and maybe even a New Era “Care Package”… Connecting with us all the way from the Netherlands, the superhero New Era fitted hats Kevin stacks in his collection are some pieces we’d all pay top dollar for. “Whoosh” through like Superman and click the jump to read what Kevin has to say. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your cap collection? Hit us up at
Name: Kevin Megens
Where are you from: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Hat Size: 7 3/8

Social Handles:
How many hats do you have?
At the moment I’ve got 93 hats. And, as of now, I still need to get in 5 more hats so I’m about to hit that magical 100 mark real soon.
What was your very first fitted hat?
My very first New Era hat was the Thing from the Fantastic Four collection. I gotta say It’s a pretty cool hat to start your collection with. Before I got it I didn’t even know what New Era Caps were. So, one day, I was browsing the internet and I saw this add stating that a Fantastic Four collection was going to be released by New Era. They had pictures included and, once I saw that thing cap, I was sold. Next thing you know I’m searching for it for nearly 2 months and eventually found it at a store in Dusseldorf, Germany. Not knowing that New Era caps were pretty expensive, I saw the price and put the cap back in the display rack( stupidest thing I could do :P). Once we drove back to Holland I immediately regretted it, but luckily my sister was gonna go to Dusseldorf the next week so I asked here to pick it up for me. Theoretically, she was the one who picked up my very first New Era cap.
At what point in time did you start collecting New Era’s?
When I got my Thing hat I still really wasn’t into the hat game. I picked up my second New Era cap about 6 months later ( which was a BLOC 28 Disney artist cap), but still wasn’t into the hat game. I think I really started collecting after I graduated which was in 2011. Seeing as the Thing hat was released in 2009, you could say I started collecting pretty late after my first purchase.
What exactly caught your attention?
The thing about their cap is, at least for me it is, they are the only brand that release such elaborate caps. I’m the kind of person who likes to rock/wear those really elaborate caps that are real head-turners and New Era is the only brand for me that makes such caps. Other than that, there is also the fact that they just fit me perfectly compared to other brands.
Would you say your a buff for Super Hero hats?
You bet your ass I’m a buff for the super hero hats. Let me start by saying I’m a pretty big Marvel Comics fan (I’m not saying I’m the biggest fan, but I do know the more in-depth stuff of Marvel). And, Like I said above, New Era is the only brand that releases such cool comic related caps. The cool thing about super hero hats is; there are so many great design from the big face and costume themed fitteds all the way to the basic super hero logo.
How do you manage to get super exclusive hats from Japan like the Chewbacca New Era hat?
Well , the most important thing is to patient and I mean VEERRYYYYYY patient. My chewbacca hat or, fort hat matter, my original Beast hat I waited 2 and 3 years respectively to get my hands on em. Also, what you need to remember , is that you really have to join a community of New Era lovers. We keep each other up to date about caps being released, or caps being sold. The latter is how I got both chewwy and Beast. Now that I think about it, I think the most important thing is to have contacts. We hook each other up with so many caps and it’s definitely the best way to get your hands on some holy grails you have been searching for. The funny thing though is, I am answering these questions whilst I’m on vacation and the thing is; I don’t even remember if my chewwy is the Japanese release or the UK release :P. I vaguely remember it having a Japanese tag inside somewhere so I think it’s the Japanese release, but maybe I’m wrong and I have the UK release. But yeah both the Japanese and UK release are freaking rare. Another great way to get your hands on Japanese exclusive releases or Brazil exclusive releases, is to use an import site. I totally forgot the name of the website that a lot of collectors use to get their Japanese hats ( maybe you can help me out here :P), but these websites will order the caps for you and send them off to you.
How did you land the orange Maskoween 59Fifty?
Another example of being in a community of New Era cap collectors. I had been searching for this one for quite some time and, a couple of years ago I guess, I was talking to someone via facebook how much I would like to get my hands on that maskoween cap. I never talked about it anymore and then , all of a sudden , he restarted the conversation, stating that he was about to sell some of his caps, amongst them was that maskoween cap, and that he remembered how I would like to get it. So I was really thankful that he remembered it, and so we made a deal and that’s how I got it. One of the best fitting hats in my collection and, overall, their Halloween releases are one of the sickest release per year.
What would you say your rarest cap is?
I guess it’s a toss-up between my original Beast and chewbacca, although, fashion people out there might disagree and say that my Kenzo flying tiger is the rarest one, or other people might say my Joker small face is the rarest of em all :P. Anyway, I’d say it would be my original Beast. The funny thing is, in the cap community and, especially the comic cap collectors out there, Beast is often considered to be the most sought after comic cap out there ( besides sample hats that were never put into production or stuff like that).
If push came to shove what would be the three caps you would keep out of your collection if you had to give it away?
I would definitely keep my original Beast, chewbacca and the Thing. The first 2 because they are my only 2 holy grails that I managed to get my hands on after so many years. The Thing because it has the most sentimental value to me. Sure, I didn’t immediately started to collect New Era Caps after I got my Thing hat, but in the end, it IS my very first New Era cap that sort of started it all for me.
What is it about fur hats that you like? i.e Chewbacca and Hank McCoy
I wouldn’t really say it’s the fur that does it for me. Like I said somewhere above, I’m the kind of person who like to wear the more elaborate hats out there that some people might not dare to wear because of people looking at you. In case of chewbacca though; I always had the intention of buying a dog-eared cap for the cold winter days and, once I discovered New Era released a dog-eared chewbacca, that was the one and only dog-ear cap I was gonna get even if it took me 2 years to get one :P. In case of Beast, I think it’s more the fact of ,first of all it’s a really cool cap that I definitely wear from time to time, but secondly, and all of us cap collectors out there do this; we like to show off our gear, and we definitely have the right to do that as REAL collectors out there. I think most of us can remember a situation where you are wearing a really rare/special hat and people just stare at you the entire day which just shows how special our caps are.
For brands would you say you only buy Kenzo and Mishka New Era’s or do other brands also appeal to you?
If I buy a cap I like I buy it. Doesn’t matter to me what brand it is, as long if it’s a collaboration with New Era. The weird thing about mishka though is, I really like their ‘keep watch’ series. It’s weird because, if you look at it, it’s basically just the same design over and over again with the eye and the underbill ( which can vary in design though), but it’s just the different colors chemes they use that appeal to me. Other than the ‘keep watch’series I recently bought a robocop hat Mishka released a long time ago so they do have some other interesting stuff besides their ‘keep watch’ series.
The Kenzo flying tiger I bought because it’s such a dope cap with the all-over tiger print. Again, a cap I like is a cap I’m gonna buy. Other then mishka and Kenzo I’ve also got caps from a collaboration with a brand called ‘yesnomaybe’ and you should really check out their website; they’ve got some really sick New Era caps.
What would you say separates your collection from others?
Let me started by saying I definitely don’t have the biggest collection out there. Like I said, I haven’t even reached the 100 mark yet, but there are other collectors out there who have over 300+ caps. That being said, I think that is what separates me from other collectors;  I buy caps to really  wear them, not to store them away so I can say ‘Look, I’ve got this and that super rare cap’. That’s also where that elaborate stuff comes in; No matter how crazy the design is of a cap, or how weird the material is, If I like it I’m definitely gonna buy it and wear it.
Are you on the Nectalk threads at all?

I definitely am on the NECT threads NECT is a great way to get in contact with other collectors and a great way to expand and share your knowledge about NE.
Final words?
First of all, I want to thank you and NECT for having an interview with me. I am grateful for being picked as a candidate for your interviews.  Secondly , and this is more geared towards the collectors who have been collecting for years on end, and the people who have just began collecting and even to those who don’t even know they are gonna start collecting New Era Caps; Keep on collecting, spread the word about New Era and keep on flying your own flag!

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