NECTalk’s Top 20 Comic New Era Caps

Wearing Iron man, Spider-Man, or Authentic Blue Mutant Fur on your head may not be the first things that comes to most people’s minds when they think of a New Era baseball cap, but next to pro sports-licensed hats, comic-themed caps are the most popular type of New Era hats amongst cap collectors and enthusiasts, and are always hot sellers! Gaining popularity in the late 2000s with the release of the big-face metallic Iron Man 59FIFTY, there are now countless New Era comic-themed caps. Whether you’re a DC or Marvel fan, root for the hero or the villain, there is probably a cap that features your favorite comic character. These hats come in a wide variety of different styles, designs and fabrics, including all-over patterns, metallic fabric and Authentic Blue Mutant Fur. Often strange in appearance, they’ll garner attention wherever you go, sometimes good – “Awesome hat dude!” – and other times, people may do a double take to see what you’re wearing on your head.(I’ve experienced this before). But don’t let that stop your stride, because with wearing caps so awesome and powerful comes great responsibility – to #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud! We must understand that these comic-themed hats are not traditional baseball caps. These are hats that possess a certain…



x-factor that other caps don’t, and sometimes people may not fully understand their unlimited powers of freshness. But all of us who wear these comic-themed caps are just like any other cap collector. We don’t secretly put them on in phone booths, nor were we exposed to Gamma rays that perhaps influenced our headwear choices. We go to our favorite New Era retailer just like everyone else, cop the cap we like, and wear it with pride! With so many comic character caps, we’ve assembled the best of them. So suit up and get ready for …LOOK It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s NECTalk’s Top 20 New Era Comic Caps of all time! Agree with the list? What is your favorite New Era superhero cap? Let us know in the Forums or on Twitter.
20. Thing 59FIFTY
IT’S CLOBBERING TIME! Kicking off our list is the Thing 59FIFTY. This cap was part of the Fantastic Four collection released by New Era Europe in 2009. The drop featured Four caps (obviously, did you think there would be five?) with each hat having a unique feature to pay homage to each respective member of the Fantastic Four. The Mr. Fantastic cap is made of Neoprene. Invisible Woman’s fitted features transparent vinyl. The Human Torch’s hat displays flame lining, but the stand-out piece is this big face Thing 59FIFTY. The cap is the embodiment of the Thing character and features high-detail print to look exactly like the rocky texture of the form Benjamin Grimm took on after being mutated by cosmic rays. Moral of the story: if the government tells you a spaceship is not safe to fly, you probably shouldn’t try to take it for a spin. Ben Grimm has often been saddened and embarrassed by his mutation and he even ended a relationship with the love of his life because of it. But you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you’re rocking this cap. You’re not only reppin’ one of the toughest characters in the Marvel Universe, but with a cap this fresh on, you’ll need to possess the Thing’s super-human strength to keep all the ladies off of you, and if anyone makes a wise crack about your rock-covered flesh 59FIFTY? Well, it’s CLOBBERIN’ TIME!


19. Plastic Man 59FIFTY
Sorry Thing, but none of the other three members of your team’s caps were fantastic enough to make our list – not even Reed Richards’ Neoprene-constructed fitted. Now, before you get mad and say IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME, another stretchy character’s cap did make it on, even though he’s from the rival DC universe and originated 20 years before Mr. Fantastic. It’s Plastic Man 59FIFTY! – one of the few big-face DC Comic caps. This rare hat stretches back so far in time that we’re not exactly sure in which year it was released (probably between 2005-2007) You don’t often find it in many people’s collections, but we did stretch ourselves across the internet to find one on Ebay. For this cap, Plastic Man literally took on the shape of a 59FIFTY. It comes in a red and yellow crown, with Plastic Man’s signature shades stretched across the front of the cap. Although we’re sorry to disappoint, it does not feature his slick hair with the Superman curl. The visor on the cap is shiny black and the under-visor displays “Plastic Man.” This is one of the most rare caps on the list and if you do manage to find one, make sure to pick it up, even if it’s not your size, because this hat probably has stretching powers of its own. (DISCLAIMER: This cap doesn’t actually have built-in size stretching powers. It’s a fitted, not a snapback. But you could take it to a New Era Flagship location to have it stretched a few sizes bigger, or check out our Forums for tips on how to shrink a cap)
18. Jim Lee X-Men All Over 59FIFTY
This one is going out to our all-over army peeps out there, who love rocking legendary comic battles on their caps. Shouts to the New Era cap-collecting all-over generals Dionic Design and Mike Ace! There have been many amazing all-over comic-inspired caps released by New Era, and one of our favorites is this 59FIFTY that features Jim Lee’s art from the cover of X-Men #1, which to this day is the top-selling comic book ever. The cap features an all-over image of the art from the cover of the aforementioned comic, with the X-Men attacking Magneto. The battle plays out in all its glory on the crown of this 59FIFTY, which also features a camo visor. The cap was released this year (2014) to coincide with the release of “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” so it should still be available. Don’t wait until all retailers run out, or you’ll have to resort to telepathy to figure out who has this 59FIFTY on their minds and in their collections.
17. The Flash 59FIFTY
This next cap on the list dropped so fast we didn’t even know it came out: the Flash Ear Wing 59FIFTY! The cap comes in a bright red crown, with yellow detailing and black visor that displays an image of the Flash running really fast on the under-visor (did you think he’d be walking?). The front of the hat is embroidered with the Flash’s iconic lightning logo. What makes this fitted stand out is that the wings the Flash wears on his helmet are embroidered on the side of this cap, giving it a real “flashy” appearance. No word if these wings have any aero-dynamic enhancing properties or if they are just for show, but we can tell you that if you run around town with this hat on, you’ll have people calling up the Justice League to ask if the Flash is in town. And before you let that go to your head, it’s not because you run really fast. It’s because you’re wearing wings on the side of your cap!
16. Captain America x Tokidoki Winged 9FIFTY
Flash, did you think you had the only side wing New Era cap in the game? It looks like the first Avenger, Captain America, pulled a fast one on you when he suited up with Tokidoki for this San Diego Comic-Con exclusive hat that features the flyest side wings ever seen on a 9FIFTY! This cap displays Captain America in a big-face style looking like he’s ready to kick some Hydra Butt – done up in the signature Tokidoki cartoon art. The side of the cap features the white wings seen on Captain America’s helmet. But unlike Flash’s hat, these wings aren’t just embroidered onto the cap. They actually stick out on the sides! These puppies are so big they must have been injected with the super soldier serum. If you were one of the lucky few to add this cap to your collection, then you already know that with wings like these on your hat, you are afforded the same type of respect and honour that Captain America receives, wherever you go, when you suit up in this cap.
Martian Manhunter New Era 59Fifty
15. Martian Manhunter 59FIFTY
Enough about wings on hats. How about something even more super? Rocking the midsections of your favourite comic characters on your head! That’s just what New Era and DC were thinking when they created this 59FIFTY. It features the midsection of Justice League member Martian Manhunter and, just like J’onn J’onzz, this 59FIFTY’s origins are quite mysterious and it could be the last one in existence! (probably not, but it is rare…just play along). The cap features a big-midsection design of the chiseled torso of the last martian. It’s one of the best torsos you could have on your cap. Not only is it green, but Martian Manhunter’s red straps that he wears look great on a 59FIFTY. Also, Martian Manhunter can turn into so many things, we’ve often wondered if this 59FIFTY has the power to turn into a bucket hat? We really couldn’t think of a more awesome, powerful and wise character’s midsection to be embroidered on a cap, except for the next character that trumps Martian Manhunter’s powers in every way imaginable.


14. Batman Utility Belt 59FIFTY
Holly superhero midsection fitted NECTalk readers! The next cap on our list is the Adam West Batman utility bat belt 59FIFTY! Neither Martian Manhunter’s midsection, or even Superman’s midsection have got the chiseled power of the 1960’s Batman’s rock solid abs. Heck, the only reason characters like Darkseid and Doomsday are still running amok around the DC Universe is because they have not run into this version of Batman yet. The cap comes in the iconic colorway of the retro Batman: blue, grey and yellow. The front displays not only Batman’s stomach but also his handy utility belt that has gotten him out of many tough situations. Holy fresh 59FIFTY! This is probably the most powerful cap on our list and if you don’t have have it in your collection, then you’re HOLY MISSING OUT to be able to wear the handy bat utility belt on your bat cap!
13. Joker 59FIFTY
Why so serious? You knew that with Batman making an appearance, Joker wouldn’t be too far behind ready to stir up trouble. There have been quite a few Joker New Era releases and one of the best is this 59FIFTY that was released to coincide with “The Dark Knight” movie. The cap displays a big face image of the menacing and maniacal Joker played by the late Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight.” The cap comes in a variety of colorways including the classic joker colors: green and purple and a flashy black and gold colour combination. If you’re a fan of the Dark Knight series, having this cap in your collection and on your head probably puts a big smile on your face everyday. Call yourself a Joker fan and didn’t pick one of these caps when they were released? HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA


12. Wolverine 59FIFTY
Joker has ticked Batman off more times than we can count, but we can only imagine the trouble he would cause if he ever collided with heroes from the Marvel Universe. One character that we think he would really anger is the Weapon X from Canada – Wolverine –  a character with some anger management issues. Wolverine has had quite a few fresh New Era releases, including a dope fitted displaying a version of the 1970s sideburn version of Logan, but our favourite Wolverine New Era collabo cap is this shredded 59FIFTY. Bub, you gotta problem with that? This cap is a great representation of the Wolverine character. It comes in black with an image of Wolverine angrily gritting his teeth on the front. The back of the cap features giant slashes actually made from Wolverine’s Adamantium claws! We don’t think anyone will have a problem with you wearing this cap and even if they do, they’ll keep their opinions to themselves, because if  you’re still walking around after Wolverine slashed your cap with his claws they probably shouldn’t mess with you!
11. Hulk 59FIFTY
Wolverine’s anger management issues pale in comparison to Hulk 59FIFTY’s uncontrollable rage! The two characters have often butted heads in the Marvel universe, which usually results in half of a city being destroyed. The Hulk 59FIFTY is not subtle. It’s Hulk’s big green rage-filled face on a New Era fitted. Wearing one of the legendary Avengers on your head will probably afford you respect and a touch of fear whenever you wear this hat, and if anyone has a problem with your cap? HULK 59FIFTY SMASH!
10. Guardians of the Galaxy All-Over 59FIFTY
Our next group of rag-tag heroes all needed to get over their anger issues of trying to kill each other before they could be featured on this Guardians of the Galaxy 59FIFTY! This cap displays an all-over image of all the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, including Star Prince, err sorry, we mean Star Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Groot displayed over an out-of-this-world glow in the dark galactic backdrop, featuring those tiny glowy things that Groot produces when the lights go out and Drax the Destroyer can’t see. When you’re somewhere and the lights go out and everyone can see your glow-in-the-dark Guardians 59FIFTY, someone is probably going to yell out,” What’s with the cap, glow worm?!” The only logical response to this question is to look the person right in the eye and repeat these three words exclusively in this order: I – AM – GROOT.
9. Infinity Gauntlet 59FIFTY
The Guardians of the Galaxy are on a mission to stop Marvel’s most evil villain, the Mad Titan Thanos, from gathering all the Infinity Gems and releasing this Infinity Guantlet 59FIFTY. If you’ve read the comics, you already know when Thanos puts together the Infinity Gauntlet, he acquires god-like power and wipes out half of the universe all for his WCW, Lady Death, who may actually just be a figment of his imagination. In order to garner his God-like powers, Thanos had to place all 6 infinity gems on the gauntlet, which gives the person wielding the Gauntlet the power of time, space, mind, soul, reality and power. As far as we know, the Infinity Gauntlet 59FIFTY is just as rare as the Infinity Gems themselves. Last summer, our homie Psyfonlabs – Lead Designer at New Era – sent us a picture of this sample cap. To this day, there is no word if this hat will see an official release, but with Thanos on his way to becoming the central villain in the Marvel Universe movies, there is still hope. The cap comes in a Thanos colorway: purple and gold. The front displays the almighty Infinity Gauntlet in shiny gold material, which is also featured on the visor. We’re still crossing our fingers that this cap gets released and if it doesn’t, we’re going to travel the cosmos to find all of the Infinity Gems so we can acquire hat god powers and make sure this cap finds its way into stores and our collections.
8. Legion of Doom 59FIFTY
Although not as powerful as the Infinity Gauntlet, Lex Luthor did put together formidable team of villains to combat the Super Friends, a group of DC heroes led by Superman. Luther recruited some of the most evil villains in the DC Universe to form the Legion of Doom, which included members such as Brainiac, Solomon Grundy and Sinestro. The Legion of Doom plotted many devious plans in their powerful fortress which was located in a murky swamp, and thanks to New Era and DC Comics, you can now wear this fortress on your head!….If you were lucky enough to scoop up this cap which still occasionally pops up on eBay.  The Legion of Doom 59FIFTY features highly detailed embroidery and looks just like the actual fortress from the cartoon series! Wearing this evil fortress on your head will spark fear and respect amongst people wherever you go, because they’ll think you’re carrying around Lex Luthor and his cronies in your 59FIFTY! And trust us: nobody wants to run into Solomon Grundy on their morning commute.
7. Batman “Dark Knight Rises” 59FIFTY
The caped crusader has probably thwarted more evil plots than any other hero in the DC Universe, and no villain could have come up with a plot grand enough to stop New Era and DC from releasing a bat cap this fresh. This ultra-slick 59FIFTY was released in conjunction with the “Dark Knight Rises” movie and it looks like it was made by Lucius Fox in the Wayne Enterprises R&D department. Shouts to our superhero cap-collecting enthusiast homie Ricky Ruby, who we peeped showing this hat off on Youtube. The Bat 59FIFTY comes in a sleek all-black-everything Dark Knight colorway. The hat is made from tough ballistic material and also has a leather visor. The front features the bat signal in black patent leather and the sides and back display patent leather detailing that looks like it belongs right on Batman’s armour. The inside of the cap is lined with satin material displaying Batman in an action pose. This 59FIFTY is so sleek that when people see you with it on they’ll ask you – *Batman Voice* – “Where are the other caps like this? SWEAR TO ME they aren’t sold out and I now have to spend Bruce Wayne stacks on Ebay to add this cap to my collection!”
6. Superman 59FIFTY
With Batman on our list, you knew his much more powerful Super Friend/fellow Justice League member Superman would be right by his side with the Superman 59FIFTY flying in at #6 . Although not as flashy as a lot of caps on our list, this Superman fitted that features the Superman “S” is an iconic piece, and will also be the first comic-related cap to soon feature New Era’s state-of-the-art Diamond Era fabric. The Superman 59FIFTY is kind of like the Yankees cap of comic-related headwear. The classic logo is recognized all around the world and is ingrained in popular culture, and just like the Yankees 59FIFTY, this cap comes in countless colorways. But similar to the iconic navy blue Yankees On-field 59FIFTY, you can’t beat this Superman cap that comes in the classic colors it’s supposed to be in: blue, red and yellow -giving you the authentic Man of Steel appearance! Unfortunately, this cap won’t make you faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive or be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but when you walk around wearing it, people will say “LOOK! It’s a bird…it’s a plane… It’s that dude (or dudette) with that fresh Superman 59FIFTY! A word of caution: don’t let all the positive attention go to your head. Stay humble, and don’t be like that crazy uncle who shows up to family BBQs with a faded Superman t-shirt and constantly points to the “S” on his chest, bragging to everyone, “Hey, look, I’M SUPERMAN!” If you do that with your 59FIFTY, people’s feelings about you and your cap will change and they’ll probably be packing Kryptonite every time you come around wearing that Superman hat.


5. Spider-Man 59FIFTY
Alongside Superman and Batman, Marvel’s Spider-Man is without a doubt one of the most iconic comic characters, and his big-face 59FIFTY is swinging in at #5! There have been many Spider-Man x New Era collaborative caps. However, the web-slinger didn’t get the big-face treatment on a 59FIFTY until this year, to coincide with the release of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” movie, which we feel took way too long because the Spider-Man character lends itself to this style of hat. The Spider-Man big-face 59FIFTY features Peter Parker’s mask on the body of the cap, with black vinyl eyes and a blue visor, capturing the Spider-Man character perfectly on a New Era 59FIFTY. If you still haven’t picked one of these caps, you still may be able to find one on the world wide WEB. If you’ve already got one, you know that with a cap this fresh on, your spider senses are always tingling from all the jealous haters out there who wish they owned this hat. But don’t let it bother you, because wearing a 59FIFTY this powerful comes with great responsibility to #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud!
4. Magneto 59FIFTY
Magneto is one of Marvel universe’s most prominent and powerful villains who has been a thorn in the X-Men’s side for decades. His big-face 59FIFTY has so much magnetic manipulation that it was released twice by New Era in two different versions! It first dropped in 2009 and features Magento’s face and helmet on the crown and satin lining inside. In 2014, due to popular demand, it dropped again to coincide with the release of the movie “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” but this time it was given the metallic treatment, really making it pop! The inside is also more detailed, featuring images from X-Men comics. There’s no denying this cap has a lot of magnetism and you’ll have people drawn to paying you compliments wherever you go. Just hope that it doesn’t attract too many magnetic objects towards your head! We must warn you, though: there may be some people out there who don’t understand this mutant cap, but who needs ‘em? When has Magneto ever tried to be friends with those who don’t understand him?
3. Rocket Raccoon 59FIFTY
Another Marvel character who likes turning metal object into devastating weapons is Rocket Raccoon! The Rocket Raccoon 59FIFTY was recently released to coincide with the blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie and sold out in no time! This cap is made with Faux Anthropomorphic Raccoon Fur and features Rocket Raccoon on the crown in a big-face style, with an orange visor and an out-of-this-world satin-lined galactic print inside, with Rocket Raccoon in various action poses. I am a proud owner a Rocket Raccoon 59FIFTY. When I wear it, people often ask, “what’s with the raccoon hat?” To which I reply: raccoon hat? Ain’t no hat like this 59FIFTY, except this 59FIFTY!


2. Iron Man 59FIFTY
The big-face comic character caps are some of the most popular headwear choices amongst New Era cap collectors and enthusiasts and the one that set off the craze was this Iron Man 59FIFTY. It dropped in 2008 to go along with the first Iron Man movie. This cap is essentially a replica of Tony Stark’s mask from the film. New Era used the shiny metallic effect on this hat and immortalized the Iron Man character on a 59FIFTY. If you own this cap, revel in the moment every time you wear it, because rocking this hat is about as close most of us will ever come to being a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. Ladies: if your boyfriend or husband tries to play it cool and tells you he wouldn’t wear this hat, he is lying, because deep down all of us want to be Iron Man. Just ask Ghostface Killah.




1. Beast 59FIFTY
Hank McCoy, one of the founding members of the X-Men, is Marvel Comic’s renaissance man. He is brilliant, with an affinity for the arts and sciences, and he is also a doctor and political activist! He also possesses super-human strength, speed and agility! Mr. Hank McCoy is also covered in blue fur, usually walks around half naked, and is known to most people simply as Beast. New Era payed homage to this character by constructing caps made from the Authentic Blue Mutant Fur that was collected from Beast’s discarded hair brushes at the X-Mansion. This hat was released twice – first in 2008 and also this year (2014). The 2008 release was a warm winter friendly cap, made with extremely bright bushy blue mutant fur. It dropped once again this summer to coincide with the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” movie, but because of its summer release, this version of the cap features trim Authentic Blue Mutant Fur with a leather blue visor – a great way for X-Men fans to achieve a maximum level of style and sophistication and stay cool in the heat! These mutant fur caps are truly the embodiment of the Beast character on a 59FIFTY, and they are some of the holy grails of New Era cap collecting, with enthusiasts all over the world trying to track them down to add to their collections. If you are the proud owner of one of these caps, you are probably a die-hard X-Men fan with no qualms about wearing a hat adorned with Authentic Blue Mutant Fur outside of the house, and why should you have any? After all, Mr. Hank McCoy is a renaissance man, and with the cap on your head, everyone will think you are one too!

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