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We recently had a chance to connect with female cap collector Malissa A.Miller for a quick chat about her hat game. Originally from Seoul Korea, Malissa has been living in Lansing, Michigan since 1985. She started gathering hats in 2004 and things its one of the most awesome accessories in her wardrobe. Hit the jump and see how Malissa “Fly’s her own flag”.  What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at


Name: Malissa A. Miller
Where are you from: I was born in Seoul Korea but I’m adopted and have lived in Lansing Michigan since December 12th 1985
Social Handles: twitter @blazn27 ; Instagram @blazn28
Hat Size: 7 1/4


How many caps do you have?
cap collections 1
Right now, I have exactly 65 hats.
When did you start getting into hats?
I’m pretty sure, and to be specific the year was 2004.
Back in 2004 what attracted you to New Era hats?
cap collections
I was looking for something to complete an outfit for some party and I remember seeing this awesome Detroit hat that matched perfectly, so I bought it. I have been hooked ever since.
Do you think women should wear more fitted & snapback hats?
cap collections 2

Absolutely, hats are an awesome accessory and depending on your outfit a must.
What one piece of advice do you have for women interested in making the leap into cap culture?
I say make sure you know what size hat to get if you’re buying a fitted, if not then have fun flirting with the guys who work at the hat store, that’s always a good time! :)
Do you only wear Detroit Tiger team hats?

No way!!! I have a bunch of other team hats but the tigers are my fav baseball team!
How many times a week would you say you rock a cap?
When I’m not in school I usually throw on a hat I’d say 4 out of 7 days. If I’m lounging around the house and I wanna send a selfie snap I’ll toss one on, or if I have to run an errand and my hairs a hot mess haha. I don’t rock them for like a full 24hrs though….hat hair is THE WORST!
What are some of the best hat shops in Detroit?
I live in Lansing but I really dig this store called “REVIVE” they have some really awesome hats! In Lansing though I stick with LIDS or this little shop called double up in east Lansing that always has super dope trendy stuff!

What are you three top favorite hats?
My Mitchell and ness throw back Charlotte hornets hat, the new era michigan state black and camo fitted, and my classic navy blue new era Detroit tigers fitted.
Do you prefer snapbacks or fitteds?
I went thru a phase of liking just fitteds then I changed to snap backs….I like them both equally honestly.
Right now who do you think is the hottest streetwear brand?
I would have to go with diamond supply, and obey can’t forget about DOPE.
Any final words?
Thanks for connecting with me on this. Hats are my favorite thing to shop for right after SHOES :)

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