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Our next Cap Talk is with cap collector Simon Treese all the way from Germany. Simon, A.K.A hathunter09, has a collection of 120 fitteds deep and features a sleek assortment of headwear including some team fitteds, superhero New Era hats and even his own custom 59Fifty cap design. He shares with us some funny stories about the lengths he’s gone through to get a few New Era pieces that weren’t available near him. Which include a stranger from Condom Shack?!?!?  What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at

Name: Simon Treese
Where are you from? I come from Germany and live in Eiweiler a small town in the near of the french border.
What are your social handles? hathunter09 on Instagram and Twitter
What is your hat size?  7 1/2
How did you start collecting New Era hats?
I am collecting hats in general since I am a child. I got my first hat when I was on summer vacation in denmark in 1989, it was a Minnesota Vikings hat because I liked the logo very much. After this vacation I started collecting hats from different teams and sports. Most of them were produced by Starter or Nike. I think I bought my first New Era hat in 1998 it was a Yankees one but I started collecting them no more than two or three years ago . Nowadays all my other hats I bought in the past which aren’t made by New Era went to the attic.


How many hats do you have?

I have around 140 fitteds at the moment. Due to pending orders I don’t know the exact number.
What is the most special hats out of your collection?
It was always a dream of mine to design my own fitted. This year I found a company who was able to help making this dream come true. I am very thankful for that. There are just 18 copies of my hat worldwide so this hat is a pretty rare thing and I guess all the guyswho have one are very happy to have one in their collection. So this is my most special hat I have in my collection.
What is the logo called?
The logo is called  hathunter09. This is also my instagram profile name. The idea behind this logo is that I am always on the prowl for new fitteds. Therefore I am wearing a trapper hat. I choose a stars and stripes outfit because I love the USA. I’ve visited the States a few times. I am wearing a baseball glove because my favorite caps are usually MLB and MiLB fitteds. HatHunter09 is a combination of my two obsessions collecting hats on the on the one side and my favorite German soccer club Borussia Dortmund 09 on the other side.
Do you plan on releasing anymore hats in the future?
Yes I will. I am planning to do this shortly. It will be pretty similar to my first release but this time time it will be a Diamond hat with a yellow, red and black colorway, the colors of the German flag, to honour the performance of the German soccer team during the World Cup.
What kind of hats do you try to get your hands on?
I am not a typical collector of just one type of hats like a comic hat collector. My fascination is to try to put my hands on hats which are exclusives because they are stadium exclusives or just available in one location worldwide for example. So first of all when I am on the prowl for those kind of hats I have to find nice people who are willing to help me.
What are some of the other stories of you trying to get some hats not available to you in Germany?
One day I saw a pretty fitted of the 49ers with the golden gate bridge on it on instagram. I wanted this hat and because  I did not find it online I joined several 49ers fan groups on facebook to ask for help. Within some hours I got the information  that this hat is a store exclusive of a small hat store in Daly City. But they don’t sell this online. So I asked around for help in this group and at any time I got a privat message of someone who wanted to help me. I sent him the payment for this hat and he bought it for me.
Another story is that I saw a fitted online I think it was instagram which had the 59fifty sticker sewn on front. I was very difficult to find out who is selling these hats. After a long online journey I found out that this was only available in Hong Kong as special on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the 59fifty. After a lot of unanswered emails to the New Era store in Hong Kong and other stores in the area around this store to ask for help I found again a facebook group called Germans in Hong Kong and asked around for help. After a few days someone sent me a message and offered me to buy it for me. And after one more week it arrived in Germany.
What was the funniest story of you trying to land a specific hat?
The funniest story hands down is how I got a fitted is about this Blue Jays x OVO hat. I didn’t know someone in Toronto. So I took a look at google earth street view to find some stores around the flagship store. So I wrote a lot of emails to some stores in the neighborhood to ask for help. I guess most of them ignored my emails thinking what the hell is he doing for just a cap. But a nice girl from Condom Shack in Toronto answered me and catched the hat for me. I shipped Canadian dollars (because she did not accept paypal) and some German chocolate and she send me the hat. Since then I met @disneynorth on new era cap talk and nowadays he is my man in Canada for buying me hats in the flagship. After a few years I have contacts to people all over the world and being part of a hat community is very helpful when you collect hats.
So being near the french border do you know how to speak french?
Not really haha. It is not my favorite language. I learned it in school for two years a long time ago but as I never practiced it I have forgotten almost everything.
Are the German and France flagship stores near you?
There is one store in Frankfurt in Germany which is 200 kilometers away from my location and and a flagship in Paris which is 400 kilometers away from here.
How often do you visit them?
I never visited them. In Frankfurt they sell the same hats that I can order on besides two or three flagship exclusives but they are not worth going there lol. I would like to visit the store in Paris but there was no chance until today. Hopefully I will make a trip soon. I know a bunch of guys who need the stickers from there haha.
Borussia Dortmund why are they your favorite team?
My father was born in Dortmund. He gave this passion to me. When I was eight or nine years old I went to the stadium for the first time and when you have ever been there one time there will be no other club worldwide. Never, never, never . It is like a religion for the people living there. The atmosphere in the stadium is amazing and their supporters are fantastic. They are very popular in Europe. There is nothing better than traveling around with other guys to watch the games of Borussia except collecting hats for sure.
Did you have a feeling Germany was going to with the world cup this year?
Before the World Cup started I had a bad feeling. They made to many mistakes in the matches before the World Cup. But in Germany the people say “Deutschland ist eine Turniermanschaft” that means that the team will play better each round of the World Cup. And that is how they won the title.
How excited were you when they won?
I was very excited because the last title was in 1990 and I was 12 years old, still a child. And after a long journey without titles except the European trophy in 1996 they won the title again. Today I am adult and a father of two fantastic children. They also wore their jerseys during the World Cup and watched the German games with the family. That was a fantastic feeling. Soccer (usually I refuse this term because it is called football in Germany not soccer) has a pretty high local value in Germany.
Have you ever visited Just Fitteds out of Germany?
No I didn’t. Last time I was in Hamburg I wasn’t such a freak like today and I didn’t know this awesome store. But I ordered some caps online. (You can find pictures of two exclusives  attached the 040 hat and a Just Fitteds special with the crossed baseball bats))
Do you ever use ebay for any of your purchases?
Sometimes I use ebay to find hats which are sold out online or older hats. And it is possible to get some hats pretty cheap especially if the seller doesn’t know how valuable the hat in his hand is because it is rare or sold out everywhere.
Have they all been good experiences?
Yes. I just made good experiences. Most of the hats I buy on ebay come from the US and all of them arrived pretty quick and safe without any damages or stains.
We noticed you have a few buffalo related items. What does Buffalo mean to you?
I haven’t been there I just visited Niagara falls. In Buffalo is the headquarter of the world famous and very best hat company. I really love the designs with the buffalo and some of these designs are pretty limited. It was difficult to get them in the past as I didn’t know someone who could help me. Nowadays I know some people including the former and actual store managers. So there are enough reasons to have this Buffalo stuff.
What do you love about the USA?
I like the people and the country. It is a fantastic country to go on vacation because of the different kind of landscapes and the countless options of visiting or doing something. In 2007 was my first visit in the US as we went on our honeymoon. Since 2007 I visited the US a few times. We saw a lot of fantastic locations on the east and west coast including cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Boston and New York. And of course I like the American sports like football, baseball, ice hockey and basketball. We went to a baseball match in Anaheim, as well as to a hockey game in Boston and a Knicks match in the famous Madison square garden. I inherited the passion for the USA by my wife. Thank you honey.
Did you visit any cap stores when you visited the US?
I went to some lids stores and some hatclub locations in Arizona. I visited also some smaller boutiques and stadium stores in Phoenix, New York and Anaheim.
Any final words?
First of all I would like to thank NECTalk to enable me this interview. Furthermore I would like to thank every guy who had the confidence to buy my first release as well as the guys for always supporting me by grabbing hats for me.  Especially I would like to give big-shout to @disneynorth, @perrim16 and @tanxican for your help I appreciate it very much. I hope I will get the chance to meet you one day guys. Thanks to everyone who reads this I hope you enjoyed, if you have further questions feel free to come back to me. One last appeal to the guys owning one of my fitteds: Please take as many pics of my hat as you are able to do in every stadium across North America. Finally I would like to thank my wife for all her patience with me and my hats Lol.

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