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Thanks to collecting basketball cards, Tyler Hunsaker,  has been a sports fan his whole life and  wears his allegiance to the Atlanta Braves. Tyler has a passion for many things but the three that stick out the most are his watch, shoe, and hat collections. With over 150+ hats his collection has reached a place that is diverse and unique, especially with the addition of his custom 3D New Era 59Fifty sign. Need we say more? Check out his collection after the jump and peep what’s on his mind.  What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at

What’s your name? Tyler Hunsaker
Where are you from? Orem, Utah
What are you social handles? Twitter: tylerhunsaker, IG: @tylerhunsaker3
What size do you wear? 7 1/4, On fields I like the 7 3/8.
How long have you been a sports fan for?
All my life, I live for sports, mostly Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Grew up going to games with my father and played all through my schooling.
Did you start any collections as a kid?
It all started with basketball cards. Having two older brothers they taught me all about sports, I have a feeling 5 year old me knew more about the players then I do now, I used to study the profiles on the back of each card. Over the years I have found myself collecting anything that I had an interest in, Now days its mostly hats, shoes, and watches. I believe I own over 50 pairs of shoes, 150+hats and last time I checked 58 watches.
How did it all start?
It started with my love of the Atlanta Braves, supporting a hat like they wore on the field. I bought hats growing up but never felt the need for one till I saw the Denim Atlanta Braves hat.
Why the Denim Atlanta Braves hat?


I first saw it in the music video “Yeah” by Usher. I was in high school at the time and knew that was my next hat. So after some time and a lot of money for back then I grabbed one off of eBay. Still one of my favorite hats in my collection.
How did you become a fan of the Atlanta Braves?
Being from Utah we don’t have a MLB team so many followed the closest team being the Colorado Rockies. I however grew up a Braves fan simply because the Braves were on TV. In Utah we don’t have a Professional Baseball team so living close to Brigham Young University, Former player Dale Murphy was the man to cheer for. I was also fortunate enough that Ted Turner broadcast all the braves’ games on TBS. So I have been a life long Braves fan.
Do you only collect Atlanta Brave hats?
Most of my collection is Braves, Any Brave affiliated team. I also have a bunch of local college, and Basketball hats. It took me sometime to buy another teams hat then the Braves, and even though I have a few I don’t ever seem to wear them, as I’m loyal to my Braves Hats. I also just picked up the Spike Lee Yankees Caps, (only for the story) still have negatives feeling for the 1996 and 1999 World Series against the Yankees.
What are some of your favorite hats?
You can never go wrong with the classic Braves on field (Blue with Red Brim/ White A). Other favorites would have to be the 1876 Braves Logo, I only have four hats with this logo, but anytime I find one I seem to jump on it. Also one that I don’t think Ill ever wear is the Braves 59 Year Anniversary stitched sticker hat.


We’ve never seen the Y logo New Era hats. Can you shed some more light on those?
The “Y” logo is for my local college Brigham Young University. I grew up following them and continue to have season tickets. Here in Utah we don’t have a lot of sport teams so having college sports to feed my addiction is what I have. Unfortunately New Era doesn’t do a lot of the College hats around here but when I see them I Usually pick up a few. This one I bought last year is amazing, as I love the detail of the floating stitching over the stitched logo.
The 59Fifty anniversary New Era collection. What was so significant about that release for you?
“Black and Gold” haha, I love the black and gold combo, but most importantly it’s the anniversary of the cap that represents me and a lot of other collectors. The 59fifty hat is what I’m loyal to and feel apart of its family. So celebrating its 59th Birthday is something special to have in my collection.


It’s obvious that you really enjoy team specific fitted hats. But can you see yourself collecting more Superhero hats in the future?
I don’t know how many times I’ve been so close to buying a few comic hats. I feel as if I buy and get into them Ill be so behind as I have past on so many over the years. I love the superhero movies and love seeing the hats New Era makes but not sure if Id ever wear a lot of them out. I picked up the Transformers a few months ago as well as the Spider man and TMNT, but if I added more it would probably be a Magneto or Rocket Raccoon.


How did you get your hands on that New Era clock?
I had seen pictures online a few times and knew it would be hard to get one. I was lucky enough to see someone on IG post that they had one for sale from Indonesia. So I grabbed it. It’s a great piece, as you don’t see a lot of stuff like that here in the US.
Do you collect New Era signs?
I love all advertising, I love having advertising and signage to display my collections. I’m hoping someday soon to be able to have a Man cave where I can keep all my items. Next on the list is to build a custom cap wall like New Era gave away to show off my collection.
Do you have a special sign that trumps them all?
As of right now it would have to be my new custom 3d New Era Sign.
How did you come across the 3D metal New Era sign?IMG_8328
Well seeing a lot of other collectors collections, many of them have a New Era shield, when I had the opportunity to buy one I was a little hesitate as I heard it was thin cardboard. So I decided to try and get a metal one made. After talking with a few people and creating the design I found a fabricator who made it happen. Unfortunately he took it into his own hands and long story short, I had to sand it down and give it the proper colors. I love how it all turned out.
Where will you put it up?
Hopefully a man cave someday, I have a spare room where I keep most of my collections but I just had my first child, which my wife feels needs the room more then I do.
What did something that custom cost you to create?
After negotiating I got it for $235 shipped, then put about 10 hours of my own time into it. Well worth it in my eyes.
Any final words?
Thanks for having me, and to all the collectors out there feel free to give me a follow on Social Media, I love seeing and connecting with other collectors and always remember to “Fly Your Own Flag.”

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