It’s On Me – Colin Kaepernick


  1. LMAO WHAT A JOKE!! NE picked this overhyped wigger to rep them??! That dudes a joke and when Harbaugh loses his job, lets see if he focuses on his game as much as he focuses on which bar tramp groupie he can pig out on next!!

  2. sharkzndabay

    kaep is the man.. exciting player to watch and should have 2 rings by now. u sound mad tho

  3. Da85mane

    He’s a choke artist. Should have two rings? You sure you’re not the one who mad bro?

  4. Da85mane

    LMAO!!! He’s definitely not the man. He’s an overrated choker. Sounds like you’re making excuses. You sure you’re not the one who’s mad bro?

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