Ipme x New Era Shipping Container

Ipme, a company that makes and sells new, used, modified and refurbished shipping containers, connected with New Era to create this 20 foot shipping container. The container was created as an event booth for New Era. It was used for promotion in Utah for the Sun Dance Festival. The outside of the structure was painted with the iconic New Era logo and the inside featured New Era mirrors and, or course, plenty of shelf space for hats! This was a great collaborative project between these two brands that displays that they are #CommittedToTheContainer. This container presents a great option for future pop-up shops for New Era. We hope to see it pop-up near you in the future!

new-era-cap-shipping-container-store new-era-cap-shipping-container-store-1 new-era-cap-shipping-container-store-2 new-era-cap-shipping-container-store-4 new-era-cap-shipping-container-store-5

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