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John Chapman from Mississauga, Ontario stays fresh on a daily basis with his deep New Era collection. Mr. Chapman has a few rules he stands by 1) never wear the same fitted in the same week and 2) absolutely with no exceptions should you ever wear the same hat twice in a row. If you ever see John around make sure you don’t touch or remove the hat off of his head, it’s one of his pet peeves. Don’t worry John, it’s one of ours too. Hit the jump and make sure you read Johns interview. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at


Name: John Chapman


From: Born in Trinidad and Tobago, raised and lived the majority of my life in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Staying fresh for the #905 #MDV #SaugaCity
Social Handles: Facebook : John KM Chapman, Twitter : ComeSomkeWitMe @ weednfitteds. Instagram THATNIGGACHAPMAN
Hat Size: The big man size of 8
When did you first get into the hat game?
Hard to say really, always had a few caps around the place (snapbacks, when I was a real youth). Must have been a few years back, the collection just got trunt out.
How many hats would you say your at now?
169, all fitteds.
Seeing lots of Jays New Era’s. Are they your favorite team and did you always collect them?
When I first started buying hats, the NBA fitteds were not as on point as the MLB ones designs wise. So I always coped Blue Jays, need to stay representing your city. I never buy from a store or from online without buying a Toronto fitted, either a Raptors (NBA), Blue Jays (MLB), Maple Leafs (NHL) or an Argonauts (CFL)
What do you look for when shopping for caps?
When buying, I try and look out for stand out designs. I like the throw back old team logos. I have several Toronto hats that have a different view of the city skyline over a few years period. Besides my spots hats, I have Mickey Mouse and Simpsons fitteds.


Do you rather buy your caps in store or online?
I’d rather buy from the stores, I like to feel the hat on my head before I buy it. However, don’t get me wrong, sometimes those online deals cannot be passed up on.
What would you say your most rare or unique cap is?
My most unique cap would have to be my Mickey Mouse cap, depicting an old episode in black and white.
Stickers on your hat on or off?
I like to keep the stickers on, however I move them underneath the brim.

What do you think of New Era’s Diamond Era Technology? Hows the fit and feel?

The fit is amazing, I love smooth feel of the polyester over the regular wool.
What are your top three caps?
Hard to choose between all my fitteds. I have so much that I sometimes forget about some, and get really excited once I see them again when I go through the collection. There is one section that I keep all my go to hats, the ones that you can always see me in. But to answer the question its more like 50 than only three.
Is that a cap carrier we see?
Love the Lids Carry case, holds about 6 or 7 caps. I take that with me everywhere.
What is your holy grail?


I would have to say, my first real hat that started my collection for real. A NY fitted, black on black with a dope design in the back round.
What are somethings you dislike people doing with your hats?
I don’t like it when people touch my hats or try and take them off my head.
What would be the most you spent in one shot on hats?
Once spent $500.00 (in one day, about 10-13 hats) at Lids. Lids, Pro Image at Square One Mall in Mississauga, are the stores I used to get all my hats from. New Era opened a Flag Ship store in Toronto, so I try and make trip there every couple months.

Any final words?
Show me a picture of your child, I will show you pictures of my hats. I never walk out of the store with less than 2 hats. Always have to buy a Toronto fitted. I never wear the same hat in the span of a week and never twice in a row. That’s why the case comes in hand. Snapbacks… for the kids.


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