Battle Pug & Chew Chog 39THIRTY New Era Caps 

Our friends over at Superhero Stuff are well known for their wide selection of comic/character-inspired accessories, clothing and New Era caps! But it’s not just products from big names in the comic world, such as Marvel and DC Comics that they stock. Check out these latest indie comic “Battle Pug” and “Chew Chog” 39THRITY New Era caps. Thought warriors rode horses? Nah, true warriors ride pugs into battle. Battle Pug is a web comic by Mike Nortan. It started in 2011, and is a dark-humor revenge tale. It is about that last man from the Kinmundian Tribe – “The Warrior” – who fights alongside his trusty steed, Battle Pug! The cap comes in black, with Battle Pug and “The Warrior” in an action pose on the front, and a white New Era flag on the side. Enough about pugs; let’s move on to Chew Chog. Chew Chog is some type of hybrid chicken/frog creature from John Layman’s popular series. Is it more chicken or frog? We’ll let you be the judge. The Chew Chog 39THRITY comes in black. The front displays Chew Chog, the New Era flag on the side and “Chew” on the back. Looking to chew on these caps for yourself? Ride on over to Superhero Stuff to pick up one of these hats and support indie comic projects. While you’re at Superhero Stuff, don’t forget to also check out their huge line of superhero products.

Battle Pug & Chew Chog 39THIRTY Caps 2 Battle Pug & Chew Chog 39THIRTY Caps 1 Battle Pug & Chew Chog 39THIRTY Caps

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