Fitted Hawaii Black Friday “Na Pō Mahina” New Era Caps

Our friends at Fitted Hawaii are sending a big thank you to everyone who waited for their Black Friday purchases to arrive. If you pre-ordered the “Na Pō Mahina” New Era collection, the caps are available to pick up as of Friday, December 26th, at the Fitted Hawaii warehouse in Kakaʻako. If you ordered the entire four-hat collection, Fitted Hawaii have a special gift for you – a limited edition black friday poster! These limited posters are hand printed with water-based ink, and are individually numbered out of 150. Did you miss out on this collection with all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season? Fitted Hawwaii have great news! There are still a remaining number of these hats available. They will be going on sale starting on Saturday, December 27th. Don’t miss your last chance to scoop up the “Na Pō Mahina” caps which pay homage to the importance of the moon in the daily lives of Hawaii’s ancestors. There are four fresh, classic pieces in this drop. Let the moon guide you to Fitted Hawaii. Add these caps to your collection today.


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