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For Edinburgh, Scotland-based New Era enthusiast Pawel Sendak AKA Klaq, collecting caps isn’t just a hobby – New Era is part of his life! Through his love for the New Era brand, Pawel has made friends, picked up a knack for photography and has amassed an impressive collection of caps from all around the world! Check out our #CommittedToTheKlaq Cap Talk interview to find out what inspired him to start collecting, hear about the time he met up with fellow collector Macall84, learn a bit more about his “French Army” of caps and more! What’s on your mind? Want to Show off your collection? Hit us up at


Name: Pawel Sendak
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Cap Size: 7 1/4
Social Handles: Instagram @Klaq13


You purchased your first New Era cap six years ago in Venlo, Netherlands. Please tell us more about the cap that inspired you to start collecting.


It was a gray fitted cap, with a “Off The Wall” logo and simple “Vans” on a back side. I was a super happy with this, I’m still happy ;]


Six years later, how many caps do you currently have in your collection?


At this moment I have 241 caps


You have a wide-variety of New Era hats in your collection that feature many designs, themes and licenses. Do you prefer sports or character themed-headwear?




This is a hard question for me,  I love almost everything with a flag on the side (sometimes without).


What are some of your favorite hats in your collection?




This one is simple, my all Monster Energy caps, especially  the athlete edition, Heritage Series, JNJ Crew (Korean graffiti artist) “Preying hands” with the best camo, 6colors desert, and of course my little “French Army”


We’d love to hear more about your “French Army” of caps.



I’m very proud of it, maybe it’s not too big, but it is amazing, 5 fitteds (2x Parisien, by Maison Kitsuné, 2x samples, 1 city skyline) and 2 snapbacks (“Merci” 417 by Edifice, was only available in Japan, and on the first birthday flagship store in Paris).  I found the Paris samples on ebay, I didn’t know they were samples when I bought them, after my cleaning sessions I found a small tag inside, hidden behind the band.


With such a large collection, how do you how do you store all of your hats? Can you offer any storage solution tips to other collectors?


I store my caps on a 2row cap rack and more important caps in a glass cabinet.


Which style of cap do you prefer: fitted or snapback – why?


Fitted of course, but sometimes snapbacks are good as well, I’m not a huge enemy or fan of snapbacks.


Do you keep the New Era sticker on the visor or nah?


Always on the visor, except bar/price stickers of course, lol. Sorry I’m Fresh – for longer ;]


You are currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland by way of Poland. How do the cap scenes and shops differ in these two countries?


HUUUUUGE difference, Scotland, UK it’s so much better, without doubt. More various caps, more goodies, more shops. In Poland there are  a lot of snapbacks now, weird fashion by the way, and many people use “full cap” word not a Fitted Cap, for me it’s  terrible…


Where do you purchase most of your caps?


Online unfortunately, sometimes I can find something nice in my local stores and big thanks to my TeamFitted Family for their assistance with hats from around the world.


Are there any local hat stores you can recommend to other collectors?


I prefer only 2 places in my city, FootLocker and Size?,


Have you had an opportunity to visit any of the New Era Europe Flagship stores?


Yes, I visited the 3 shops, Birmingham (We lived there for 3 weeks ;]) and London SOHO and London Stratford. We were in Paris 2 weeks before they opened a store :(


Would you like to one day see a New Era Flagship store in either Scotland or Poland?


In Poland, not really, but in Scotland-AYE!!! I dream about it, even small pop-up store will be great.


You are well-known among cap collectors and enthusiasts for the creative pictures you take of your New Era hats on Instagram. What inspires your photography? What are some of your favorite shots?




Hmm… I like to spend my free time actively, so I just grabbed my camera one time and I’m doing this now regularly.  My favorite shots? hmm… NASA, Coyotes, Greanade Games 7, 13 1/2 and all Paris.


You recently kicked it with fellow New Era collector Macall84. Please tell us a bit more about the meet-up.




It’s time to tell the truth… we never met, this is all high level of photoshop. Just kidding. They visited us first, Maciek and his girlfriend, they are amazing people. One day he just sent me a message “We will be in Edinburgh” ;] this was a very good time for all of us (I hope so) after couple of months we visited them in London. I hope that I will see him soon.


You state that New Era is a part of your life. How so?




Simple. New Era for me is a part of my normal day, normal life, I’m wearing not only caps, but  also tshirts, hoodies, jackets, watch and all small/big details showing who I am and what I love. I’m loyal to this brand, other cap brands are not interesting for me.


What were your favorite New Era releases of 2014?




1)Under the Sea 2) StarWars Boba Fett 3) Mr. Muerte, both, red and  black edition 4) Spike Lee 5) NY Highlanders, Cooperstown, navy crown with  woodland camo brim with gray under.


Any upcoming projects that you’re working on that you’d like to share with our readers?


Unfortunately no, but I’m full of hope on future.


Any final words?



First I would like to say thank you to my fiancée, she is still with me and my caps ;] Now when we go and she sees someone with a cap, she likes to say “look how cool” or other way. BIG S/O to everyone from TeamFitted, especially to @Macall84, @fubs_one, @robinhtp, @gatur1, @0rdanny, Chris-Norman and all NECT members.

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