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For this week’s Cap Talk interview we link up with Nottingham, UK-based cap collector Jason Shepherd. Jason connected with us so he could share his collection and passion for the New Era brand with fellow New Era enthusiasts. But he also did so for another reason; to raise awareness for Moebius Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that affects his daughter Mia. Jason and his daughter were overjoyed by the support that they received from the New Era cap cap collecting community in helping to raise awareness for the disease. Check out our interview with Jason to find out about his collection, and also to learn more about Moebius Syndrome, and how Jason plans to raise awareness for this condition in the future. Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at





Name: Jason Shepherd
Location: Nottingham (Robin Hood country) United Kingdom
Hat Size: 7 3/8
Social Handles: Instagram: @jayshepnotts


What’s the main reason for you wanting to connect on an interview?


My main reason for doing this interview is the huge support fellow new era fanatics have already shown in supporting Moebius syndrome awareness day on the 24th January this year by wearing their favourite purple cap (the colour of the charity) and sharing through social media.


What is Moebius Syndrome?


Moebius syndrome is a rare condition my 9 year old daughter Mia was born with. Moebius syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that is present at birth. It affects certain nerves within the face meaning Mia cannot smile, frown or blink her eyelids and also affects her speech. Although, she has come on leaps and bounds over the years and overcome obstacles that doctors said she would be unable to do simple things like drinking from a straw or blowing bubbles things she has now adapted her own ways of doing these things.


Glad to see all the support! What does the support mean to her?


The amount of support so far is phenomenal and I am hoping next year we can do it again on a bigger scale. One fellow group member Ordanny Olivio designed a new era style sticker for the day which we shared throughout social media while other guys rocked there purple new era caps with pride and shared through Instagram and facebook using hash tag #msad2015. My daughter was very proud to see all the support from all over the world and would also like to say a big Thank You!


So on to your collection. When would you say it all started?



I would say probably started in 2010 with my first fitted the original NY hat probably everybody’s first, right?


What would you say is your favourite style of New Era Cap?


I moved onto buying new era snapbacks as I am big into my superhero hats and majority of these releases seem to be snapbacks here in the UK. I would say I’m deff more towards fitted now though


Was there a certain point when you noticed your collection really take off?


2014 is when I really started moving further afield with the caps though after ordering 2 fitteds from the US the Joker and the Venom from the new era villain collection ( prob my favourites to date).


What would you say is one of the most amazing part of your collection?


My fiancée then surprised me a custom built new era box storage designed to replicate the look of a new era box for Christmas. (amazing present for a new era fan like myself and gonna be hard to top)


How many caps do you currently have in your collection?


It’s only a small collection at the moment with around 30-40 caps a couple of starter caps mainly for their Collabs with UK grime artists but the rest all being New Era of course


What are some of your favorite teams to rock on a fresh New Era Cap?


I don’t really have a favourite team as such I’m more into the designs on the caps if I like the design I’ll buy it. My heart definitely lies with the superhero/movie/gaming hats


How many hats does your custom new era box fit?


It’s hard to say really like i say my collection is 30-40 strong and still has room in it for more prob another 30 maybe more depending on how I want to showcase them.


Can you elaborate more on the build of the box? Is that a pull out drawer?



The box is made from a plastic composite with a vinyl wrap and vinyl logos with a purple size sticker on the inner lid for moebius syndrome of course , 5mm clear acrylic (I believe it’s bulletproof) with a 90″ bend on the shelf and a pullout drawer with a nice red felt finish in the bottom of the drawer for all my holy grails when I get them. I got the idea from those nike boxes that was floating around and got in touch with one of the guys who makes them. Little did I know it would turn up on my doorstep as it was just an idea at the time but then my fiancée got in touch with him secretly. He really did an amazing job and did the box justice


So you obviously do fitteds and snapbacks. How do you feel about collectors who are anti-snapback?


I suppose it’s each to their own really , it wasn’t until I ordered my first from the U.S. That I fell in love with the fitted and now I have there’s no stopping me. My partner says I’ve become a bit of a fitted snob because she will show me a hat and I will be like no it’s a snapback … But if the right design comes up and it’s snapback I’ll snag it the Hawaii snaps really take my fancy they are fire!


What’s one of your favorite releases of 2015 so far?


I really like the “Sorry I’m Hip Hop” in dark denim, I recently purchased or the grey wool Mishka i bought whilst at the New Era store in Birmingham


What’s the one hat you let get away that you’ve been hunting for ever since?


There’s a few really but if I had to pick it would prob be the Rocket Raccoon


What other pieces are on your wish list?


I have many on my wish list from the Muhammad Ali joints to the new Avenger: Age of Ultron caps. Also, New Era Japan have just released some crazy Predator and Turtles caps I wouldn’t mind getting a hold of


What do you hope takes place on January 24th, 2016?


I hope that people will help and take part by wearing their purple hats for Moebius syndrome awareness day 2016! I have collected photos of the guys who shared pics and possibly hope to make it a bigger day next year and just help to raise a bit more awareness.


Any Final Words?


Would like to give a big thanks to New Era Cap Talk for the amazing job they do on this site I always enjoy reading it and a big THANKYOU to all the fitted family for welcoming me into a great community and the support they have shown in raising awareness for Moebius syndrome. I have met so many great people who share the love for New Era and everybody really looks out for one another … Stay blessed … Stay fitted and let’s make it a bigger awareness day next year January 24th 2016 ‘purple day’

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