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Colorado-based by way of The Bronx, NYC, New Era enthusiast Paul Rodriguez’s collection started off with humble beginnings that many of us can relate to – a few Yankees caps back in 2001. Today, his collection has grown to almost 300 hats! Paul’s hat stash has a lot of variety and includes team licensed, character/comic and streetwear hats. Make sure to check out our Cap Talk interview with Paul Rodriguez – AKA STPaulNY – to find out what inspired him to start collecting, some of his gems and his thoughts on the New Era cap enthusiast community. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at


Name: Paul Rodriguez

Location: Colorado

Hat Size: 7 1/4 or 7 3/8

Social Handles: IG @stpaulny , Twitter – @saintpaulny, Facebook – therealstpaul, Facebook Music Page – stpaulmusicfb
When did your interest in collecting caps begin?
I started collecting caps in 2001. Mostly were Yankee caps.
How many hats has your collection grown to?
In the last year I have put together a pretty dope cap collection. Before Christmas my count was 175 and if I counted right now I am pretty close to 300.
What would estimate your collection to be worth?
Well if I had to average the cost it would be maybe $55 x 300 = $16,500
How did you become such a huge hat collector?
I fell in love with the Yankee cap to begin but then this last year I recently joined #TeamFitted and realized what the hell I was missing!!! I thought I had a pretty good collection until I meet some of the guys in #TeamFitted. I had some work to do. My love for caps became even bigger!! Shout Out to Phillip Leonard, Raza Mohammad, Paul Fish, James Hammel, Jason Shepherd, Jason Gonzales, Reagan Lee, Ricky Ward. These guys have helped me grown my collections. I’ve added some serious gems to my collection thanks to these guys.


How does your New York Bronx roots impact your hat game?
My love for the Yankees first of all, New Era the brand itself and my love for hip hop and how I correlate my cap with my urban dress and lifestyle.
What style of hats do you continuously look out for superhero, brands or team caps?
Mishka, Fitted Hawaii, MiLB, Super Hero Special Editions and all Yankee caps. And lately I have add a few customs to my collection.


How do you feel about grabbing other teams other than your favorites?
I have expanded my MLB a little but I will never wear anything Boston (in any sport). I will wear different NBA teams because I collect jersey’s. But as far as NFL never anything but the New York Giants. LOL
Will you be connecting with any of the new Avengers range?
Already got em!!! And would love the have the UK Thor cap with the wings on the side.
What would you say are your rarest gems?
My Alice in Wonderland Cheshire, Famers Market Akua, Steampunk Mickey, Star Wars series with boxes, Simpsons Tree House of Horror hats
We know that you love fitted hats but do you own any snapbacks?
YES at first I wasn’t about that life until I got my first Fitted Hawaii. I love these hats.
If yes, how many and what made you grab them?
Maybe about 60 but 3/4 of them are Fitted Hawaii. I feel in love with the quality of the cap and the Mua logo.
It’s an understatement to say you have an amazing collection. But, if you had to pick only 3 caps out of it which ones would it be in order of your favorites?
You would ask this question!!! Not Cool!!! LOL 1. My Alice in Wonderland Cheshire 2. My 1996 World Series Heritage Spike Lee Joint 3. Bloody Money Mua Fitted Hawaii


Has anyone connected with you for trades?
No I haven’t traded but if the right thing came my way I probably would.
How do you like storing your hats in “hat bags”?
I don’t but it is what I have until I can build myself a hat room and display them. But they clear bags do help me see what is in each bag and it keeps the dust away.
What is the next hat your trying to land?
I’m trying to complete the Saint & Sinner collection. I have the Sinner just need to land the Saint. The New York foody collection. The New York Yankee sticker patch cap
Any final words?
You can never have to many!!!! LOL The feeling of a hat that feels just right makes my day. It’s my security blanket and it’s the best part of getting dressed in the morning. Most the time I dress around what hat I wanna wear for the day. I’m addicted to hat collecting. The excitement I get when I hunt down a hat that I have my eyes on. I love it. Then it’s happy hunting for the next one.

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