4UCaps Chicago White Sox Custom


4UCaps hands out a custom in the Chicago White Sox 59Fifty custom New Era. The fitted hat features a gamma blue colorway in the vintage white sox logo used from 1976 to 1990 on a black base. Check out 4UCaps is currently offering 10%off their products with code NECT10. …more

Mishka Fall 2014 Collection


We’ve been excited about Mishka dropping new product since we peeped what they previewed at Agenda NYC. Available now are caps from the Mishka fall 2014 collection. There is a lot of variety in this release, which includes many different designs and styles of headwear. One of our favourite caps in the fall drop is the Reptilian style of the Keep Watch 59FIFTY. It is embroidered with a reptile eye on the front, with snake teeth on the under-visor. The Death Adder logo also returns on many different styles of  caps, including a groovy tie-dye pattern 59FIFTY. We’re always keeping watch on fresh Mishka New Era caps, and so should you. Cop some of these latest pieces from Mishka to make sure your fitted game stays fresh and creative for fall 2104.


Mr. Hare 59FIFTY


Make sure your cap game is fly and in style with this Mr. Hare collaborative New Era 59FIFTY. This cap comes in all-black with white embroidery. The front displays the Mr. Hare double exclamation mark logo, with the New Era flag on the side. If you’re looking for a stylish piece to add to your collection, hop on over to Selfridges to get yours.


Carlton Football Club 150th Anniversary 59FIFTY


The Carlton Football Club is a Melbourne-based Australian Rules football team. The team is one of the eight original members of the AFL. Commemorate the club’s 150th anniversary in this 59FIFTY. It features a navy blue body with a leather visor. The front is embroidered with a commemorative crest and the side flies the New Era flag. If you #WearYourAllegiance to the Carlton Football Club, this cap is a must-have piece. Get it at Carlton Shop.


San Francisco 49ers 59FIFTY


San Francisco 49ers fans! Be ready to #WearYourAllegiance to your team for the upcoming NFL season in this stylish 59FIFTY. It comes in a melton wool crown and a leather visor. The front displays the iconic 49ers logo and the side features a fresh 49ers football patch. Don’t be left scrambling looking for a new cap when the seasons starts when this awesome 49ers 59FIFTY is available right now! Get it at All Out Foul.


Thrasher Magazine 59FIFTY


Skateboarding lifestyle mag “Thrasher Magazine” has just dropped a collaborative 59FIFTY! The hat comes in black with white embroidery. The front displays “Thrasher Magazine” in a stacked text style and the side flies the New Era flag. If you’re a fan of this publication, and you rep the skateboarding lifestyle to the fullest, ride on over to the Alpha Plus to cop this cap now!


Black Widow 59FIFTY


If you’re a comic-collecting cap enthusiast, this 59FIFTY is a must-have piece to make sure you’ve assembled all the Avengers caps in your New Era collection. Natasha Romanova, AKA The Black Widow, has finally been featured on a New Era 59FIFTY! The legendary spy makes her appearance with this fresh cap that comes in a black crown with an all-over star pattern on the visor. The front is embroidered the Black Widow logo, the side flies the New Era flag, and the black displays “Black Widow.” If you’re an Avengers fan, you know you’ll be suiting up in this cap – Get it at Snipes before it’s gone.


Omaha Omahogs 59FIFTY

Omaha Omahogs Filament Comet New Era 59Fifty

Back in 2012, the Omaha Storm Chasers played a “What If?” game and became the Omahogs for the night, paying homage to the Omaha Omahogs, a minor league team that played from 1889-1901. My Fitteds is bringing the Omahogs logo the Storm Chasers used on the “What If?” night with this colourful My Fitteds exclusive 59FIFTY. It comes in a two-tone colorway with a teal crown and a pink visor that is grey on the bottom. The front is embroidered with the Omahogs logo, the side flies the New Era flag in black, and the back displays the MiLB logo. Not only is this a fresh, colorful cap, but it also matches perfectly with the Lebron South Beach sneakers. #FlyYourOwnHog proud! Connect with My Fitteds to add this unique 59FIFTY to your collection.


Philadelphia Phillies 59FIFTY


Rep the Phillies proud, just like New Era cap collector/enthusiast Mike Ace, in this latest 59FIFTY. It comes in a faded red crown, with a blue visor that is red on the bottom. The front displays the Phillies logo, the side flies the New Era flag and the MLB Batterman is on the back. The Phillies are currently last place in the NL East, so they’ll need all the support they can get from their fans. Rally behind your team and pick this cap up today at Iced-Out.


Jason Heyward: True Colors


LA Dodgers & SF Giants Script Snapbacks @ Hat Club


After the Dodgers hot surge over the last two months that has propelled them from a 9 game deficit to a first place lead, the NL West is currently a tight race. Hat Club has released some 950 Cursive Script snapbacks for the Dodgers and Giants. The snapbacks are done up in solid black crowns with the Dodgers team script in white and the Giants in team color orange. Pick up these hats and check out the rest of their New Era snapback selection at HatClub.com today.


Lightsleepers 59FIFTY New Era


Hawaii-based Lightsleepers make original goods and they don’t want you to sleep on their 59FIFTY collaborative New Era cap. It comes in black with “Lightsleepers” embroidered on the front in white curvsive lettering, the New Era flag on the side and “Don’t Sleep” on the back. The underbill is done up with a kelly green underbill. Don’t you ever sleep on a cap this fresh. Head on over to Lightsleepers to get yours.


Higher Learning 9FIFTY


Higher Learning is an organization that encourages at-risk students to achieve academic success by rewarding them with brand new sneakers. They believe that through sneakers they can motivate at-risk youth to do well in school. But they aren’t just about kicks. They will also be selling this 9FIFTY to raise awareness of their efforts! This snapback is black and displays the “Higher Learning” logo on the front. It comes in an large/extra large size because Higher Learning  “want to you be swallowed by the initial ‘bigness’ of the hat – to bask in the ambiance of all that room around your head and remember that THIS Space symbolizes the area where HIGHER LEARNING’s real work is to be done.” Higher learning want to “occupy the minds” of the youth they will be working with. If you want to occupy your head with a fresh cap and help support a good cause, connect with Higher Learning today.


Fresh Kills 9FIFTY


Fresh Kills have just come back from the hunt with this dope New Era collabo snapback. The cap comes in black with “Fresh Kills” embroidered on the front in white large, bold lettering. If you want to be killin’ it with a fresh new snapback to rock for the rest of the summer season, cop this latest 9FIFTY from Fresh Kills today.


Privilege “Core Logo” 9FIFTY


Japan-based Privilege have just released the “Core Logo” 9FIFTY and we think most of us can agree we’d all love to have the privilege of rocking it! The cap is is black with “Privilege” embroidered on the front in large, bold lettering. The under-visor comes in kelly green, giving this snapback a classic look. Don’t miss your chance to own this piece. It’s available now at Privilege.


Andsuns “Liberty” 9FIFTY Caps


The Andsuns are back with the 9FIFTY “Liberty” collection. These caps come in three colorways and feature symbolic embroidery on the front, the New Era flag on the side and MMXI - the Roman Numeral for 2014 – on the back. If you need to add some fresh streetwear caps to your collection this year, don’t sleep on this release. They are available now at And Suns.


Proof Clothing 9FIFTY


New Jersey-based Proof clothing distribute high quality gear – you want proof? Peep their latest New Era collaborative snapback! This dope 9FIFTY comes in two classic and exciting colorways: black and white and grey and red. The front is embroidered with “PROOF” in large, bold lettering. We think we’ve proved our point that this is one fresh snapback! Connect with Proof today and support the brand by adding this cap to your collection.


LA Kings “Horse Ink” 9FIFTY


It’s not October yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ride for the Stanley Cup Champions in this stylish 9FIFTY. It comes in black with a horse ink painting all-over pattern. The front displays “Los Angeles Kings” in the embroidery style popularized by N.W.A and the side flies the New Era flag. With this cap you won’t only be reppin’ the Kings but you’ll also be able to #FlyYourOwnHorse proud! Ride out to New Era Korea for yours.


Baltimore Orioles 9FIFTY


The Baltimore Orioles are currently 1st place in the AL East! Show your Orioles pride and #WearYourAllegiance to the team in this latest 9FIFTY. It comes in an orange body with a black visor, featuring orange paint splatter print in Jackson Pollock style. The front is embroidered with “Orioles” and the side flies the New Era flag. If you’re an Orioles fan, support the team by picking up this snapback at DTLR.


San Diego Padres MLB Fair Isle Flip 9FIFTY


Represent the San Diego Padres to the fullest, just like New Era enthusiast Ralphie Garcia, in this “Fair Isle Flip” 9FIFTY snapback. The cap features the Padres logo embroidered on the front on a heather gray crown, the side features the New Era flag and the visor displays unique tropical-inspired graphics. If you want to support the Padres and look fresh for the rest of the summer season, pick up this NewEraCap.com exclusive cap today.