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Post Posted: 09/07/18 8:01 pm    Post subject: Made in China poly is Resilient Reply with quote
Been wearing both of these caps for about 5 years now. Pretty much the definition of beater caps. Basically my yard work hats. I've worn each one at least 200 times equally.

The cap on the left is a fly your own flag 2012-2015 era MUSA poly Twins. The cap on the right is a white/blue performance labeled poly Made in China cap, likely dated around 2007-2009

I noticed something a few months back, and wanted some other opinions. The MUSA cap has your traditional denting after extensive wear. I have a half dozen MUSA caps that have followed in this way. The dirt also seems easier to stick to the MUSA white threads. Even the cardboard bill has kept more of its stiffness on the Made in China than the MUSA, which is on its last legs.

To contrast, the Made in China cap (not to be confused with MUSA with IM. We're talking strictly China Poly) has a stiffer crown, bill, and kept more of its color. It's like the material is so bad, that its actually resilient.

On the other hand, I have some Made in China Wool retro caps as beaters, and those have dents and the bills have weakened. Something about the Made in China poly on fields has them lasting quite awhile.

Am I the only one?
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Post Posted: 09/08/18 11:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Chino caps are built to withstand the apocalypse or at the very least years of sitting un-purchased on Lids shelves. Razz

Fly Your Own Flag MUSA's on the other hand are definitely susceptible to breaking down relatively quickly. That's the unfortunate flip side to being the absolute best caps when brand new due to the softness of the crown and brim. Fly Your Own Flag caps would be ideal for ballplayers who can get a new cap whenever they need one but as a collector I've come to appreciate the stiffer brim and crown on recent MUSA w/IM caps so long as they have the good poly. Hopefully they keep their shape longer.
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Post Posted: 10/22/18 2:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I will agree with you that most Chinese-made 59F's will probably survive until nuclear winter...
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