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Post Posted: 11/28/18 12:16 pm    Post subject: Hat club hats with defects Reply with quote
has anyone here received hatclub customs with crooked logos and brims??

i called their customer service guy and he said its like that and he has never had people complaining about crooked bill and logo before.
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Post Posted: 11/28/18 1:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
How bad are we talking? Obvious? Are you sure they were made in us? Some of their caps are made in China (think some World Series patch caps).

I own a half dozen and nothing immediately screamed out but I never really dissected them.

I have some 2008 era USA poly that have squatchees that are off a good half inch. USA made is not immune to mistakes.
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Post Posted: 11/28/18 4:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Slightly crooked brims are an issue on probably over 50% of MUSA caps no matter you get them. But only about 10% or so have brims so crooked they make the cap sit weird on your head. Everyone's tolerance level is different for this kind of thing but I generally will keep the former and always return the latter.

Crooked and/or off-centered logos are more common with some logos than others. Mets and Reds caps are almost always slightly off-centered for example. Like a crooked brim, I tolerate a slightly off-center logo but not one that's noticeably off-center from a distance. Crooked logos OTOH are pretty rare in my experience and I never keep those.

Your best bet is to always buy 2-3 of the same cap from Hat Club so you qualify for free shipping and returns. Hopefully at least one will be up your standards and you can return the others for a refund. That said, HC usually has awesome customer service and there's a decent chance they'll let you send your cap back for a refund or exchange if you're truly dissatisfied with it.

A photo or two of the crooked logo and brim would help us judge whether it's the standard NE hand-made 'no cap is the same' issue or it's truly a botched cap.
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Post Posted: 11/30/18 5:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Hat Club really tries to get these hats right, but they’re really at the mercy of New Era. And MY GOODNESS are they awful at this whole thing at this point.

A good buddy of mine designed the logo for their Houston Astros “Out Of This World” series, and as a nice gesture, he sent one of the orange billed ones they gave him (I think they gave him 5 or 6 per hat). It’s absolutely stunning. Nice poly, everything is straight, the logo is super crisp and clean. It’s my favorite hat in my collection (mainly because of my personal connection to it, but also because it’s so well done) and I don’t even like wearing it for fear of getting it dirty.

They released another set of them a few months later and I decided to pick up the “Ring Ceremony” cap (I like to refer to it as the final Astrodome set cap) on my own dime to support my buddy and also because the first one was such an awesome cap. I received it and it is absolutely JACKED UP. It’s basically the exact opposite of the one he sent me. Cheap poly, crooked logo, squachee all messed up, and the stitching is done so poorly that it looks like it’s not even from the same company. Side by side, it looks like a knockoff version of the one he sent me.

I contacted HC, they apologized profusely, said they were also really annoyed by the shoddy quality, and gave me a discount code for a future purchase. I feel kinda bad for them. They have such great ideas and so much passion, but once the design is out of their hands, it sounds like it’s a total crapshoot on what they’ll actually receive.

And this isn’t the first time New Era has done this to them. The initial run of Marlins teal throwbacks from last season were listed as US made poly, and labeled as such in the cap itself... Problem is, it’s most decidedly NOT poly of any kind, but wool.

As we say around here, New Era gonna freakin New Era.
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