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Post Posted: 08/19/19 11:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
wallyhopp wrote:
Yeah. The 'poly' looks so slick that it appears to be of the wool Chinese made variety. You can't even tell them Apart anymore. I just wonder where most of them are now made.

Any time you can see the diagonal pattern on the cap, it's not a great sign.

Of course the latest Richmond braves red crown looks great. It's MUSA. But the aqua posse cap looks cheap, with a MUSA/Im build.

Crazy that only a select few MUSA/Im caps have real fuzz. All of the recent poly.and wool are identical

I bought the Astros 86 All Star patch hat that was made in China. When I got it the fit felt like a US made hat and the poly was decent. Take the tagging away it could have passed for a recent US with imported poly hat. On the other hand the Bangladesh trash was terrible. Rock hard crowns, that nasty smell, and scratchy no fuzzy poly. Can't fault Hat Club too much though because they did all they could to make US made fitteds. They have a business to run and at least they are still coming out with good designs.
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Post Posted: 08/20/19 5:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I was able to get some MUSA poly on clearance at their stores over the last couple of months, moving to Arizona has its perks.

1. Charleston Alley Cats red/black and black/red - the red crown version could be Chinese it’s such bad material. Black crown is better (still not great) but definitely fits snug.
2. Capital City Bombers - this one is incredible, material and fit are both a dream.
3. Port City Roosters green and purple - expected bad poly when I saw this but it’s actually really good! Cap design is completely ridiculous.
4. Hagerstown Suns blue - terrible. If you told me it was Chinese I would believe you. I love the logo ad considered it a last chance so I bought it but I’m not thrilled with how it turned out.
5. El Paso Diablos purple - lumpy crown, was the only one they had in three separate visits so I’m not sure how old this is but it definitely felt like a “slipped through the cracks” random straggler. Poly is INCREDIBLE.

Unfortunately my last trip I completely struck out, the US poly may be running out on the clearance table.
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