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Post Posted: 09/08/19 11:22 am    Post subject: Hat Stretcher Help!!! Reply with quote
Hey everyone,

Got a hat stretcher and tried using it on a couple of hats that were a bit too snug. Tried soaking just the sweatband with hot water, then tried using steam while stretching. Both saw minimal results. Is stretching something you just have to keep doing a few times or is there a better way?

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Post Posted: 09/08/19 1:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Don't be afraid to over stretch it a bit. You almost want to hear the stitching pop.

I tend to wrap an old shirt around the wooden elements to gain a bit more stretching ability.

There are different size stretchers too. Maybe the turnbuckle has gone to it's stretching limits.

I tend to stretch mine. Then leave it on the hat over night. Then try to wear it for a few hours. If that doesn't pop the material outward, try it again.

When I initially do it. I stretch it to the turnbuckles limit. Wet the band, then stretch it some more. I think that's key.

Over stretching it lets it get back to its intended state eventually. So yeah. I tend to need to stretch mine a few times to get the material to pop out.
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Post Posted: 09/17/19 3:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
If I am stretching a polyester hat, I usually make the hat stretcher as tight as it can go and leave it for 24 hours. After that time, I find I can usually stretch the hat even more. I repeat this process for a few days. When I take the hat stretcher off, the hat is initially HUGE. However, it shrinks back down and is usually only slightly larger.

Wool hats are a different story. Require a lot less stretching.
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Post Posted: 10/02/19 11:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I’ve got a good hat stretcher that goes all the way to 9 😳 (no, my heads not that big). I just turn it until I can’t turn it any more and leave for about a week. It feels huge but will come down to size pretty quick. I keep doing this over a period of about 4-5 weeks. After a few months I do this again. Works well, but I don’t use water or steam. Don’t be afraid to turn it until you can’t turn it any more. You won’t ruin your hats. Good luck.
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