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Curiosity got the best of me as well. You beat me to the review, but I more or less concur on all points. Best I can call this cap is "interesting". It is a hybrid in the crown between a traditional 59F and a dad cap for sure, and would agree that it doesn't really mimic anything that I know of that has ever actually been worn on the field in the past 50+ years. Disappointing that they are Chino's, but I will say for a non-USA cap, this one is as good of quality as I've ever seen. The poly is soft and at least so far, does not appear to have that crappy quality that attracts dust and junk almost immediately like some other Chino stuff I've seen recently. The 7 1/8 fits me perfectly (many Chinese caps run small on me in comparison to their US counterparts). Two really interesting things to note besides the crown which really make this different from an on-field 59F:

1. The squatchee is blue, not red. I think this is NE's way to distinguish this from the real on-fields. They have employed this methodology before with certain special patch issue 59F's, I've noticed. I would prefer red and could replace it, but not a huge deal and not worth the trouble to me.

2. The undervisor / underbrim is blue, not black like an on-field 59F. Not sure the reasoning here. If they really wanted to be retro they would have made it grey or green. Whatever, this kind of makes if fit in with a '47 Cleanup, or other dad hats that I have seen.

The logo on this one is sewn perfectly (rare IMO for a Chino cap) but is centered a tad off to the right of the seam. This kind of thing used to bother me, but I've given it up on my list of hat issues which make me anal retentive simply given how incredibly common it has become to see the logo centered a couple of hairs out of place on either US or Chinese made Cubs caps. The slight O/C on this one - as with several other caps I own - is not noticeable as being off when the cap is worn. Moreover - the model for this particular cap on the MLB website shows the logo off by the same proportions.

Overall the jury is kind of out on this one for me. I like the hat right now mainly just because it's different, and along with my Lids Retro Classic (wool, flat logo emboridery) from last year - I have a good bit of variety to switch up day-in and day-out now. I'lll report back when I've owned it for a while and we'll see how much I actually wear it.


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